Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tyson Wash campsite

Yesterday Nancy and I moved AGAIN.  Can't seem to get settled this year, but we are here in Tyson Wash on the west side for the duration - which is only a few days.  We have nice views all around. 

Great mountains right out my front windshield,

and nice large bushes out the kitchen windows.  From time to time I hear birds rustling around in the bushes, but haven't gotten a good look at them yet.

I was awake early yesterday morning and took this shot right before sunrise:

Then the clouds seemed to float in and we had cloud cover all day.  I never did see the sun.  Lots of wind during the night last night that was hard enough to wake me up a few times.   Rocking and rolling The Palms.  Today dawned clear and sunny, but still with some cold winds. 

Here's our new campsite:

There's no one nearby, but there is one camper down the road a bit and some others up the road toward the trash dumpsters.  Yesterday Katie and I walked with Nancy and her dog, Dolly a couple of times.  Katie seems to be walking better lately; I'm going to try to keep her moving more, which is supposed to be good for arthritis, right?

I went up on the roof this morning to check things out - and boy were my solar panels dirty!  I don't know how much difference that makes, but they are clean and shiny now.  :) 

I've gotten my plan together for Los Algodones on Thursday.  I'll leave Quartzsite Tuesday morning and stop in Yuma to fill the fridge and cupboards.  I'm out of EVERYTHING - milk, butter, bread, eggs, the list is endless! - and I'd rather hit the Walmart in Yuma than spend more $$$ in the Quartzsite stores since I'm heading south anyway in a few days.  Then I'll head over to the Quechan ("Q") Casino 🎰 to relax and spend Tuesday and Wednesday night, then head to the border Thursday morning.  My son asked me to call him to let him know when I'm going across, and then again when I return so he'll know I've made it safely.  I think I'll do that for my own peace of mind, too, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

After that, I'm not sure.  The colder weather in Quartzsite makes me think about staying in the Yuma area for a while, until more friends arrive in Q for the big tent.  We'll see...  

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone! 😏


  1. Good luck at the dentist and moving down the road, we be heading to La Posa south probably Tuesday most likely for a couple weeks,then pilot knob for Christmas and New Years, and I want to get get some new dentures in Los Algodones while there.

    1. Thanks. This whole thing makes me nervous, but once I'm done I'll have a better handle on the whole Mexican dentist thing. Hopefully it will be positive and the bridge will last a LONG time. Yes, you might as well get whatever you need while in this area. Met up with a man who had just done that - new dentures - while camped at Quechan Casino for my first appt, he was delighted with his experience and his dentures looked great. I wouldn't have known they weren't natural teeth if he hadn't mentioned it. :)

    2. We have been there many times got new glasses but never a dentist yet, but know a lot of people who have had good work done there.
      Good luck I am sure it will go without a hitch.

  2. I sure hope the southwest gets some more warm weather and sunshine. What are the sun-worshippers in the "clothing optional" section of the LTVA going to do on this cold, rainy weather?

    1. They will do what I did today - BUNDLE UP! Bet they are wishing for warmer weather even more than we are. :)

  3. Barbara, I'm sure everything will be as smooth as silk! What a great opportunity... I can't wait to try it out when I'm ready. Have fun(?)....

  4. Good Luck with the Dentist appointment and hopefully we'll see you around the Big Tent in January.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. It looks pretty empty in that area. You know the crowds are already planning on their arrival.

  6. Great photos, looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for the share, keep the posts up!

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