Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beautiful kitchen window view

How would you like this view out your kitchen window?

Another reason to spend the winter at Quartzsite. : )

And again, the following shows how much time I have on my hands.  ; )

Yesterday I was watching Katie laying on the couch. Usually when I pull out the camera she stops what she's doing, but this time she continued on with her little nap.  She had done this once before, and I wanted to get the photos.

Sleepy Katie - ready for a short nap with her paws in the quilt.

She puts her feet inside the folded quilt - nice and warm.

This time she got the blanket in her mouth and opened up the fold.

Aha!  Now this looks cozy. 

...and so she slept for a little while.  zzzz zzzz

Nice and rested.

A pretty big stretch for a pretty short nap. :)

This is what's been going on with my humming bird feeder:

First the feeder had ants - I washed it out and returned it to it's branch along with some flypaper strips.   They've been working well to keep the ants from walking down the wire hanger, but I still haven't seen a hummingbird in this site.

We had our second visit from the Gila Woodpecker.  It was fun to watch it preening, pecking the Ocotillo branches and getting nectar out of the feeder.

Thinking about flying to the feeder.

In flight, trying to land. See it's yellow underside?

Finally made it.

Then the Gila Woodpecker hung on the Ocotillo branch and stretched and stretched.

That was a few days ago, and I haven't seen another woodpecker in days.  I moved the feeder this morning to the other side of the Ocotillo and now we have bees.  Katie and I took a long walk and when we got back, it was filled with dead bees.  I had to fill the big holes - you can see the rock on the right that the bees are still trying to feed around, but at least they can't get in and get trapped.  I was hoping the bees wouldn't deter the hummingbirds, I haven't seen any feed here at this site yet.  So, we've had ants, bees and woodpeckers so far. 

Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement and snapped this quick shot.  He is on the other side where the feeder was, hopefully he'll come back.

From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Beautiful sunset.
    I haven't seen any hummers here in Mission for a few weeks and assume they have moved further south.

  2. Once in while I have a problem with wasps invading my hummingbird feeder, but mostly it's just the birds. There are 2 of them recently who want to feed, but can't get along well enough to each take the opposite side of the feeder.

  3. Katie is such a beautiful lady-love her making herself comfortable. Aren't these babies just the best companions?! Not much can match that view from ur kitchen window. Wish I was able to get out that way but since not, I'll just continue to enjoy ur posts. Thx so much!

  4. Ah Katie is so cute. If you continue to have problems with bees and want to be rid of them let me know.

  5. Yes, We have simply the BEST views don't we !! Expensive real estate for quite a cheap price I say.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Katie's pics and the way that one ear always falls down ! LOL

  6. what a darling dolly that Katie is :) great pics and love the view out your window...

  7. Excellent nap!! You need an 'ant moat' above your hummingbird feeder to keep the ants out. They are inexpensive, you can find them at most birdseed selling shops. Or probably online. you keep water in it (will that be a problem there, will it evaporate too fast?) and the ants won't cross the water.

    My Katie dog says hello to yours!

  8. Katie is cuter than cute, and your coffee maker mod is fabulous. Good going, Barbara!

  9. Be careful, flypaper is toxic to birds too. If it's the sticky kind they will be unable to free themselves should they come into contact with it.

  10. Very cute on Katie. Beautiful window view!


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