Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We've lost an old friend. Rest in Peace, Hazel

Sadly, I just learned Hazel Bluhm, my old friend, died today.  I know she had many RVing friends, but she also had lots of Greyhound dog owner friends, too.  I tried to leave a comment on her blog to let people know who might not be reading our RV blogs, but Hazel has her blog set to approve comments, so my comment won't post.  I had forgotten about that until I hit publish.  So, I thought I'd post my comment here, and refer you to the blog were I read about Hazel leaving us.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

I just learned on another blog post that Hazel Bluhm died today. 

Hazel was my friend; I met her when I was a newbie to this RVing world, and she couldn't have been more helpful, from climbing up on my roof to help me seal cracks in the sealant to crawling under my Class C to help plug holes with steel wool where the mice were coming in. 

When Katie stepped into the nest of red ants, Hazel is the first person I went to for advice.  When I had stomach pains (and later emergency surgery), Hazel is the person who told me to drive to the ER.

She loved being helpful and was a good friend.  Also one of the best birders and brightest people I knew.  She will be missed by many.

To read about what happened, please go to this post:   RVing:  The USA is our Big Backyard

Rest in peace, Hazel. 

I remember when she was talking about started her own blog, and we worked together on it.

I helped her as much as I could.  I came up with the blog name and header, and then she did the rest.  Not only did she love the RVing part of her blog, she was also amazed at all the friends she made because of her Greyhounds, who she dearly loved, through her posts.

She had some health issues, mainly her back and knees, and had difficulty giving her dogs all the exercise they needed, so she'd get their leashes, hop in the car, unroll the window, and drive along, giving them all the exercise they wanted.  I went on many of these drives, as did a lot of her other friends.

In the photo below, Katie is photo-bombing Hazel and her dogs:

She LOVED to take day-trips, and did tons of research on whatever area she was in to see what would be a good bet for her time there.

Hazel did a lot of volunteering, and for the last few years gave her time in the office at Bluewater Lake State park in New Mexico.  She did a great job there!

I could go on and on, her photography skills, her love of genealogy, her knowledge of the medical field - she was a retired nurse, she has been repairing an old family quilt.  When she went to town in her car, she always offered a ride, she loved visiting and being around people.  Hazel was a member of the Dingbats - I've written about them.  She was camping with them at Quartzsite the first time she knocked on my door, and became a fast friend.  Again, I could go on and on...

Hazel lost her parents and her brother, and never married or had children.  Her dogs and cat and all of her RV friends were her family.

This is her blog address:   Class A Greyhounds.... Traveling with the Big Dogs.

Good bye, Hazel, you will be missed by many.  I hope there are lots of Greyhounds, cats and birds in Heaven.  And have fun meeting all your ancestors, who you've been spending so much time researching.   :)


  1. You and Karen knew Hazel a lot better than I did, and you both have provided wonderful dedications to her. It is a sad day indeed. :(

  2. Such a find write-up Barbara, as was Karen's. I glanced at Hazel's blog a few times because of the words "big dogs" in the title. I wanted to see how and what she was traveling in. My blog readers will see your blog on my sidebar, as well as Karen's blog so hopefully the sad news about Hazel will be seen by a few others. It's always sad when good people pass away.

  3. Thanks for sharing this sad news. I know you 2 were friends for a long time. I met Hazel and her hounds briefly in Quartzsite. Glad to hear the furkids are cared for.

  4. Crikey ..... I found you through Karen's blog. She is the one that informed my Mum of Hazel's passing. Mum and I loved Hazel. We never met. We live in Australia but we loved her blog and grew to love her through it. We aren't RV'ers. I'm a whippet called Charlie and my Mum is Lynn. Mum would love to be an RV'er (we call 'em motor homes). Maybe one day!! We do travel a lot though and I go everywhere with Mum and Dad. It looks as though Mum will now be following a lot of you RV'ers and it's all because of Hazel, aye?? Crikey we are going to miss her. She was quite the lady. Is there anything she couldn't do?? It was so good to read your post and learn more about her. Mum and I wish that we could have known her better. I do hope Hera, Power and the cat are being well cared for. She loved those animals, aye?? Dear, dear Hazel ..... rest peacefully, Hazel.

  5. I only met her the one time and didn't get a chance to really know her and I do so appreciate what you have written.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I never knew she had a blog but I remember seeing pictures of her and reading about her from your blog. As soon as I saw Karen's post about her, I was sure she was your friend. What a shame. There is nothing that can be done for her, but I certainly hope someone is taking care of her beloved pets. I'm sure they are wondering what happened to her.

  7. Hi everyone.. thanks for your kind words about Hazel. I just got an update from the rescue. Dear cat Chica has been adopted and is happily settling in her new home with two sisters and two other kitties. The dogs are both happy and settling in and will get more details from the rescue once their adoptions are final. I hope to get the password to Hazel's blog from her niece when she gets access to the motorhome soon.

    1. Karen, thank you for the update. It's good to know Chica is settled with a family that has other kitties for her. She was with Hazel for a long time. Thankfully the dogs are young and I'll bet they will be placed in wonderful homes. Please let us know when you have new information.

  8. So very sad to read about Hazel, I have been following her blog for quite awhile and she seemed to have lived her life well with many friends. Thanks for sharing this sad news.

  9. Sorry to hear this. I spent many afternoons with Hazel waiting on package deliveries at bluewater SP when my van had broke down she was always very helpful. RIP

  10. Oh, Barbara, we are so sorry to hear about this. Glad we got to talk with her and the dogs in Quartzsite.

  11. Barbara, so sorry to hear about this. Sorry for your loss.

  12. I remember when you posted a picture of her "walking" the dogs in her car! Sad news. I hope her pets find wonderful homes.


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