Thursday, June 11, 2015

Storrie Lake, 2015 - A new squirrel!

We're at Storrie Lake, New Mexico now and there are so many things here to see.  This park just feels like home to me.  Every day I get good photos.  I even snapped a new-to-me bird!  AND a new-to-me squirrel!  That's always fun.

We've met some new people, and are walking more and more. It's easy to walk here because the roads are paved.  They are easy for Katie to walk on, and when she's tired of walking or can't walk anymore, it's easy to push her stroller on these roads.  We're enjoying our stay here, as usual.

Here are some photos taken in the last week.

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel - he is beautiful and so cute.  This guy is a new find for me.  Look at all the lines and dots on his back:

He quietly moved around on the side of The Palms.  I opened the window and screen to get clearer shots of him and he didn't budge.  He was looking for and eating little pieces of grass and seeds.

Then I made a clicking sound and he stood up didn't move.  Like a statue.  I guess if they aren't close enough to a burrow hiding hole, they stand completely still, hoping no one will swoop down and get them.

After a while, he ran into the field next to The Palms.  He sure is cute.

I saw this double headed Canada Goose last year, and he's back.  

(I also have a bridge to sell if you believe this one.  LOL)  These are such beautiful, graceful birds.  This is the first year I've seen them with their little goslings.

So tiny.

Katie and I have been walking, sometimes with Patti and her three little dogs, who we met last year here at Storrie Lake.  This year she is the camp host in the South campground.

At the end of the road is a bridge that goes over the Gallinas River.  This year the river has lots of water in it!  The bridge has been closed off since I've been coming here:

Look at the wood that's all torn up:

This is the river with water running under the bridge.  Last year there was hardly any water to be seen here...

...and flowing down on the other side:

Heading back down the road, which I call Flat Stanley Road, Katie in the lead.  Katie is doing more walking this year, but I still bring the stroller and usually she ends up in it before we get back to camp. 

 And guess who is still here in the road?   Flat Stanley!

Do you remember me posting about him last year?  I couldn't believe this flattened frog was still here.  So I named the road after him.  He has staying power!

I've met some new blog followers, too.  Below is Kyra, who came by to visit me and Katie.  Kyra doesn't have a blog, so I can't give you a link, but I sure enjoyed meeting her and chatting from time to time.  She left yesterday, heading north.  Safe traveling, Kyra!  See you down the road.

That's it for now - I have more photos for next time, but - warning, warning, warning!  One day when Patti and I were walking down Flat Stanley Road and got to the bridge area, a young girl came running over to warn us to stay back.  There was a snake in the bushes.  So of course, we almost RAN over to see what it looked like.  Out came my camera, and when we got back to our rigs, Patti looked up Bull Snakes and came over with a You Tube video showing exactly what we were watching.  Thus began our education about mating snakes.  I'll post those photos next time. You can't wait, right?

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody!  :) 

PS - I've decided to remove my blog from Kindle.  I wanted to give a heads up to those of you who are paying each month to have my blog posts downloaded to your Kindles.  (You will receive a notice from Amazon letting you know, also.)  I just felt I'm not posting enough each week to be offering Me and My Dog  ...and My RV! for sale on Kindle.  It's just "inactive" for now, though, and if I start revving up again and posting more often, I'll offer it again.  And a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who signed up to have my posts downloaded to your Kindles.  I really appreciate it!  :)


  1. Barb, wonderful post!! Love the new squirrel - and omg I can't believe Flat Stanley is still there. Isn't Annie coming to Storrie Lake soon? Hope you guys get to meet up. If Kyra doesn't mind I'd like to know what kind of rig she has. I've been thinking I'll start out with just a hightop van and then add a small fiberglass RV. But still have family stuff, so we'll just see what happens in the future. The 2 headed goose? HAHAHAHA!!!! Tooooo funny.
    Jool in N. Texas

  2. Very cool squirrel, never have seen one like that before. We have met Kyra, she is a fellow RV Dreamer, very nice!

  3. Wow, I have never seen that type of squirrel before and yes it is very cute and very interesting. Flat Stanley....LOL!. It sure looks like Katie is doing much better and its nice to hear you are enjoying life and going strong.

  4. That is an amazing squirrel. If it stood still, you would think it was a cactus.

  5. We spent a month or two up there last summer. It feels like home to us, too. I know you don't like to do private parks but there is a good one about 10 miles north of Storrie called Pendaris. They're Passport America and it's beautiful there, cooler temps even than at Storrie, big private spaces (mostly) and tall pines. We used it for our 6 days out periods a couple of times.

    I think I told you about that park when we met last year at Storrie. I just wanted to remind you about it since you've recently been looking into private parks. It's a really nice one and I don't usually like private parks much either.

  6. Crikey ... you made it!! Sure looks pretty at Storrie Lake. What state is that? Mum and I am a bit ignorant on US history but we do know the states and pretty much where they are. You've got some mighty weird lookin' critters there. Fancy seeing that 2 headed goose again. They must be pretty rare, aye? AND that squirrel? He's a good lookin' bloke. Katie and I could have fun chasing him.
    What'ya reckon, Katie? Would we be able to catch him? With two of us on his tail he wouldn't stand a chance, aye?? Hey ..... your Mom told me you were a deer chihuahua and shaped a bit like me. How good is that? Bet your good lookin', like me. do you like the new place? It sure sound as if you do.
    My Mum laughed when she read about flat Stanley Road. She thought she was the only one that did things like that. She's named heaps of roads. Mainly on walks we do in the bush so they don't really have names but Mum ALWAYS makes one up for them. Too funny. See ... you have things in common ... Hazel must have sent you to us.

  7. Hi Charlie! We're in the state of New Mexico. I always forget to write that in the post, thanks for asking! :)

  8. That was a new squirrel for me too. Cute little guy, isn't he?

    New I know too. :)

  9. Just love that squirrel amazing colors.
    Lots of Canada Geese here to, the goslings are really growing, problem is they do make a mess pooping everywhere,

  10. Great wildlife pics! I remember seeing flat Stanley on one of my hikes last year.

  11. That Katie is a real trooper. Off and going as long as she can. That's all we ask. A little company on the walk and then Mom will push you home. Can't wait to see mating snakes. It will be a first for me!

  12. Hi Barbara and Katie, That squirrel looks a lot prettier than the squirrels we have here at Grant. We have ground squirrels and tree squirrels. When we're out and about on our rounds, she knows right where to find them, gets excited and would love to chase them, but can't because she is in her seat belt

  13. Did you give up blogging?
    Hope all is well. 😊

  14. Great photos and I'm here cracking up about flat Stanley!!! We're starting to have more snakes come onto the road here in the park. They are searching for the warmth. Silly snakes, it's 98 degrees out and feels like 108! Sheila xx


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