Monday, August 31, 2015

Hummingbird invasion

When I saw all the hummingbirds in my site at Riverside Campground, I broke down and pulled out one of my feeders.  I have some big trees in my site and many of them have "twig" branches that have no leaves or pine needles.  The hummers like to perch on these twig branches so they can guard the feeder and see who's coming to get their nectar.  Boy are they good feeder guards.

Sometimes there were a dozen birds swarming around the feeder, fighting each other off.

Then they would fly to the bare branches and sit a bit, looking around constantly.  Then one or two would get to the feeder and get some nectar before it all started again.

I've been putting out feeders for years, but I've never had one emptied in a day, and these guys were drinking it all before the day was over.

It sure was entertaining to watch them interacting.  It all seemed like play fighting, although there were two males who seemed to take it to the next level and were really after each other for a while.  Then things calmed down and went back to the normal chasing game.

I took a bunch of pictures of the swarming birds when they all tried to get nectar at once, but the photos just didn't turn out well.  Too many birds and too much movement, I guess.  Here are a couple with 4 and 6 birds that were pretty clear.  You don't see the rest of the birds out of shot who were coming and going.

In the past I was lucky to get two birds coming around at the same time and I enjoyed watching them.  This was overkill, for sure.  It was so distracting to have the constant motion outside my window, I finally went out and moved the feeder out of sight.  I put it on our picnic table until it was empty, then brought it inside, cleaned it and put it away.  Sorry birds.  :(

You know the old saying, watch out what you wish for?  I always wanted a ton of hummers at my feeders like John and Jeanne had at Storrie Lake - well, I got what I wished for, and it was a bit much.  But now I know, LOL.

One morning I went outside, and there was Annie, in the site right behind me, sitting outside enjoying the cool morning air.  What a nice surprise!  I was in the shower when she drove by, and apparently took a walk by The Palms, but I had the shades down and didn't see her. I went over to say hi and chat for a bit.  We haven't talked for a while.  She got Jake out of her motor home so we could see him, but he heard some thunder and wanted back in the house, so it was a short visit with Jake!  Tucker, her cat, came out and lounged around on the ground.  He's quite a lounger, you know how cats lay down and stretch and roll around?  That's Tucker!  Pretty boy. 

That night I got an e-mail from Annie warning me about a skunk in the area - she said Jake was nose-to-nose with it when she took him outside.  Luckily he didn't get skunked.  Before I got that e-mail, Katie started acting weird like she does when critters are walking under The Palms, and I'd bet that skunk was around and under The Palms.

The next morning we took a walk with the dogs and got caught up.  It was so nice seeing Annie and Jake and Tucker again.  

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. What a wonderful experiece! We love hummers.

  2. Great shots of them hovering:) I have to take lot of shots to get a few really good ones!

  3. Hummer success for sure. I can see why a large group dipping and diving would make you dizzy. Glad you had the success even if you had to cut it short. Great pixs.

  4. We have never had that many hummers at our feeder at one time. Wow, and you got a good picture of them, too.

  5. This is terrible. I wrote a very long comment but hit "sign out" rather than "publish" by mistake. Dang! Then I tried it all over again and lost the much shorter comment! Just want to say I love your photos and I'm jealous of the number of hummers you attract!

  6. What great pictures! and some hummers, I have never seen before.

  7. Yes, be careful what you wish for. This spring when I put my feeder up we had about 8 to 10 humming birds coming. I was having trouble keeping the feeder full. Then they all seemed to disappear. For a while we only had one and now I think it's 3 that are coming. Three are enough and I don't have to fill up the feeder everyday. If they wouldn't fight so much they wouldn't have to eat so much. lol

  8. You weren't kidding about the hummingbirds invading. Fantastic photos!


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