Saturday, June 3, 2017

Flagstaff, and camping near Lake Mary Road

Well - you know the old saying "We make plans, and God laughs at us?"  Or something like that...

I left Utah because of the cold, and guess what I woke up to in Flagstaff?

I drove to Flagstaff, did all my shopping, took care of tanks, had Katie's nails clipped, etc., etc., etc. and over-nighted at one of the Wal-Marts.  In the morning when I woke up The Palms was covered in snow.  What a surprise!  It was really pretty and started melting as soon as the sun came out.

My friends Jeanne and John had their rigs camped right next to Lake Pickett, which is about 22 miles south of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Flagstaff.  I headed down to meet up with them for a week or so.  It's a very pretty location, except on the weekend when the ATVers zoomed back and forth along the road, creating clouds of dust.  Then they left and on Monday it was peaceful and beautiful again.

A pine tree view out the kitchen window:

And this is the view from my dinette:

Laurelee and her dog Libby arrived the day I did, and Gayle and Jim came in a couple days later, so we had a nice group.  Gayle took a pic of the RVs in camp:

And another picture of the ladies when we were outside chatting - from the left - Laurelee, me and Jeanne, and Gayle's shadow:

Thanks, Gayle, for letting me use your photos!

When I drove along Lake Mary Road on the way to camp that first day, I saw Great Blue Herons along the shoreline of Upper Lake Mary.  I pulled over and walked down closer to the water to get some shots.  These are the three that were closest to me:

Our little lake, Lake Pickett, dries up every summer and it wasn't deep at all.  We didn't think we'd get any water fowl in our lake, but we did see some a couple of times.  Hunting for frogs?

One morning I was walking with Jeanne and John, and spied this horny toad - I didn't have my camera, so Jeanne got a shot with her phone.  Thanks, Jeanne!  Isn't he a cute little round guy?

We had lots of grasshoppers on the ground, some of them were pretty good sized.  Katie had fun chasing one, and unfortunately she caught it.  When I noticed, she was playing with it and I made her leave it there, before she ate it.  Ugh!

Here she is, sitting in the sun on the back of the couch.   Looking inside from the doorway.

And finally, I snapped this picture one evening as I was boiling water in the tea kettle for a cup of decaf.  My new "Clever Coffee Dripper" makes the best, richest coffee! Like an upgraded Melita Cone dripper, but much better.  The kitchen looked so cozy and warm.  In fact it was.

Other than the above, I know - kind of boring, not a lot going on.  Sometimes that's just the way I like it.  Relaxing and enjoying life.  But in my next post, more exciting things are happening.  Some good, some bad.  One's an RV mod I've needed for a long time, but didn't know how to fix the problem.  Done and done now, and I love it!  I'll tell you about them next time.

From me and Katie, have a great day, everybody! 😊🐾☕☃😎


  1. Well to me, it looks like you are definitely living the good life ! Happy for you and Katie.
    Always liked Flagstaff. Lots of Indian culture there too.

  2. Remember what a blog is really all about and you will realize that it surely wasn't boring when you were enjoying it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I'm so glad you got to hook up with friends near Flagstaff. I love all the places in the forest near there. Relax and enjoy!

  4. Yes, we plan and God laughs!! Looks like you gave a chuckle with that weather!!
    I love your kitchen!!!! It IS warm and inviting.
    I love reading about "life" whatever that brings!! Love the pics!!

  5. Snow ranks right up there with really bad things. But after the heat down in the valley, it might not be too bad. After all the hiking and adventures it's good to unwind for a few days. Katie is so cute.

  6. What a fun time you are having there, but snow in June? Yup need to head to lower elevation and enjoy some warmer weather.

  7. Snow in June? I wouldn't have thought. However, certainly don't like the temperatures in the Phoenix area south of there.

  8. Fun! Love my clever-drip too. Miss you all...

  9. Sounds like you are keeping way too busy for a retiree! Lol!! But you're having a ball.

  10. The weather is so unexpected. Snow in the morning, green gradd and sun in the afternoon. And, it is in June.


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