Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Today is my youngest granddaughter's birthday - Lauren is Three!  When I was visiting in Vacaville, Lauren told me when she is three, she will be a big girl.  So as of today, Lauren is a big girl.

 Lauren's 1st Birthday Party

They are going to Chucky Cheese Pizza for her party this evening.  Lauren and her brother, Andrew, are probably already home and in bed. I hope they had a good time.

 Lauren visiting Grammy (me) a few days before her 2nd Birthday.
We made a little cake together, and Lauren decorated it all by herself.

When I called this morning, Kristy and Lauren were making cupcakes to take to Chucky Cheese for the party. They were waiting to pick brother Andrew up at kindergarden so they could all decorate them together.  I asked Lauren to have Mommy send me pictures of the finished cupcakes. 

Lauren, the Big Girl, 3 years old

Lauren just LOVES Katie.   When we'd leave Katie home to go somewhere, out of the blue Lauren would say, "I wonder what Katie's doing now."  I'd say, I'll bet she's sleeping.  Lauren would say, "I think she's waiting for us to come home."  And of course, when we'd get home, Katie would be waiting right by the door, so Lauren probably thinks she's been standing there waiting for us to get home since we left.  Her mom and dad told me she talks about Katie a lot.  

This photo was labeled "Lauren's first slumber party" on her mom's face book page, so cute!  She sleeps with her babies and animals every night in her little bed.  Not always this many, though.

So, Lauren, I hope you had a Very Happy Birthday and lots of  fun at Chucky Cheese.  Sleep well, Baby Face.  (To which Lauren always says, "I'm not Baby Face!")

From me and Katie, have a good evening, everyone!  :-)


  1. Yes she is a darling Big Girl, Grandma can be rightly proud of her, Kids are truly a gift from God, I just don't know what we would do sometimes without the grandson to pamper and take with us on adventures. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. What a beautiful grand daughter you have. Just precious!! Happy Birthday big girl Lauren...


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