Wednesday, September 8, 2010

October RV show in LA, and - Coleslaw and Bear Loin Steaks?

Wow, did anyone else have a problem with Blogger last night?  It was acting very weird!

I received an e-mail in answer to a question I posted in a forum - and in her response she mentioned the upcoming RV show in LA in October.  I went to the Pomona show earlier this year, but they didn't have much I was interested in.  I went with my son Tom, and he found it interesting.  They also had boats, and he was interested in those, too, so we covered a lot of ground.

I checked out the October show on their website, and it looks like it's going to be huge, and have lots of RVs and seminars, too.  I'm definitely going to check it out.  I'm a little more familiar with what I'm looking for now, so I should see more rigs that interest me.  Also, I want to see what's available that I'm not looking for, in case I'm limiting myself too much.   There was a coupon on their website that you can print out, and I copied it here, in case anyone wants to go and get in at a discounted price. Click on it first, then print from that page.  Or you can get one from their website.

On the website, it said to print out copies for all your friends, so here you are. : )

I made some coleslaw on Sunday - I LOVE good coleslaw.  It has to be kind of sweet and not dry.  I found a recipe that is perfect (for me).  If you like the coleslaw at Kentucky Fried Chicken, you'll love this:

(I use only 1 tsp mustard).

Funny story:  The cookbook this is in is from a set of Encyclopedias we bought when my former husband and I were first married - in 1965.  An Encyclopedia salesman knocked on our door.  I answered, and he went through his spiel.  As I listened, I looked at him dressed in his suit, white shirt and tie.  Those were the days!  As I was listening, I looked down and noticed his shoes were really old and scuffed, and I felt sorry for him.  My new husband and I decided we WOULD want Encyclopedias for our kids someday, so we bought the whole set.  Along with the Encyclopedias we got free cookbooks.  In a two volume set.  Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking.  The first Copyright is 1947, with mine being the NEW REVISED EDITION Copyright 1959.  The two volumes total 1,564 pages.  You wouldn't believe what's in those cookbooks.  EVERYTHING.

When I was growing up we had an electric egg cooker, but when I was first married, I didn't have one, and had no clue how to hard boil or soft boil an egg.  I looked it up in my cookbooks, and there were two recipes for each.  It has 22 uses for leftover yolks.  And seven for leftover egg whites.

If you are looking for a recipe for ANYTHING, let me know.  I'll look it up.  Of course, now we have Google, so I use that a lot, too.

Anyway, every so often, RVers who are "out and about" mention bear sightings.  I wondered if my cookbooks had anything to say about bears.  It actually explains how to prepare bear for cooking, and has a recipe for Bear Loin Steaks.  Also, "Any beef or deer recipe can be followed successfully for the cooking of the different cuts of bear meat if the fat is carefully removed before cooking."  Just in case you bag a bear.

Note:  By the time our kids were old enough to use an Encyclopedia, our set was so out of date it was useless.  But 45 years later, I still use the free cookbooks. 

From me and Katie, have a good evening, everybody! : )


  1. My parents bought the World Book Encyclopedia set, and it came with a medical book. My mom doctored 8 kids with that book, and when we got older we teased her mercilessly about it. She might take her kids to the doctor, but she had already done the research and made the diagnosis, almost always right on target!

    Those were the days, weren't they. Now if they sell those sets at all you probably have to buy them on CDs, and you just can't browse through CD's the same as those books.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  2. Interesting story!! Food preparation never becomes outdated and in todays hurry up world we have lost some of the older better ways of preparing dishes.
    I will definitely remember to ask you if I need a recipe link. Thanks!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. when I was growing up?..I remember the 'fuller brush man'..and the 'avon lady'


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