Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Odin's Temple of the Tiger

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As I said in my September 13 posting, my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids took me to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  I had never been there before (they have season tickets and go often), and as we walked around, I couldn't believe all the rides and exhibits and animals--that's where the butterfly conservatory was, too.

They have over 30 animal attractions, over 100 different species, and over 500 animals.  We saw giraffes, dolphins, alligators, sharks, stingrays, elephants, tigers, and butterflies, and many, many more.  It's definitely a full day.

According to their website, "Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has been the home of tigers since 1968, advocating conservation and awareness of these magnificent animals and educating the public about these critically endangered cats.  The park is home to 11 Bengal and Amur tigers."

They are very large, very beautiful, and very graceful.  To see a cat that large walking, running, and swimming was amazing.  They explained that they don't train the tigers to do "tricks," they train them to perform natural activities that they would perform in the wild, they just do the activities on cue for the trainers.

 Odin, white Bengal tiger

Again, per their website, "Odin's temple of the Tiger is an exhibit, stage venue and showcase for Odin, the park's famous white Bengal tiger, renowned for his agility underwater.  The show also features Fedor, Nalin, and Akasha in this untimate demonstration show."

We attended this show, and it WAS amazing. Here is a YouTube video of the underwater part of the show. The trainers throw hunks of meat into the water, and the tigers dive for them. 

There were all kinds of animals to see - unfortunately I didn't get photos of many, but you've seen them all before.  I did snap a picture of some camels.  Can't remember the last time I saw a camel.

There were lots of rides, too.  We stayed in the area for younger kids, and went on a lot of rides. Here's Andrew, Lauren and Daddy, Matt in a car that goes on  a track around the grassy area in the middle.  See the little building in the back?  It's a turtle house.  If you click on the photo, you'll see a large turtle (tortoise?) in front of it - looks like a large rock.  They have, I think, three turtle houses, and we saw two or three large turtles.

And, of course, the final animal. A large, hard-skined, orange-footed, smiling, two seater turtle, with a rather bored looking Andrew in the second seat:

From Me and My Dog, have a good evening, everyone! :-)


  1. Love the video. They are such amazing animals. Your kids must love you a lot to take you on this trip. Fabulous..

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    I hate that zoo's are the last hope for the survival of some animal species. Those Tigers sure are awesome creatures!
    Looks like the kids had a blast.


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