Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Padres, Granddaughters, and my NaBloPoMo Badge

Today was a long day, and at 8:45 I'm finally sitting down to rest. 

I go into work early on Tuesdays, around 5:45, and by the time I'm home at 4:30, I'm beat!  Today my son and daughter-in-law needed me to take my seven-year-old granddaughter to her "cheer class" so they could both attend the Padres game tonight, so I just now got home.  Go, Padres!

I picked her up on my way home from work at 4:00, shopped, fixed her a quick dinner of scrambled eggs, bagels/cream cheese, grapes, and chocolate milk with ice cream for dessert.  Weird dinner, but she liked it and ate every bite.   She played with the Wii for a little while, then we went to class from 6:30 until 7:30.  

My grandkids are all so great, but seven-year-old girls talk constantly.  You know what I mean?  Even when they don't have anything to say...  I asked her that old question, "Do you know why God gave us two ears and only one mouth?"  I think she got it, but it didn’t work.  Too subtle for a seven-year-old, she didn’t get the hint, and kept on chattering away.  Whew!  

When I was in grammar school the nuns (Catholic School) used to call me "Chatterbox," so I can't complain too much.  My granddaughter probably gets it from me!  : )   And actually, I’m grateful she has so much to tell me, and wants to tell me.  She’s such a happy, bouncy little girl, so bright and self assured.  As only a seven-year-old can be.   

 Thankfully I was only watching – she went non-stop for an hour, and was tired at the end of class. 

Changing gears:  I joined this website, NaBloPoMo, have you seen it?  I saw a link on another blog, and clicked it on it, and ended up at nablopomo.com.  If I’ve got it right, you only have to blog once a day for a month, then you get to put a button for that month on your blog.  Well, I love prizes (doesn’t everybody?) and that seemed like an easy prize to win.

I've gotta tell you, it isn't easy today, I was ready to turn in when I got home. Anyway, if you look at the end of this page, you'll see the "I'm a Member of NaBloPoMo" button.  I assume it's an okay site, I didn't do much looking around when I was there.  I just want the prize!

September’s button is really cool.  Here it is, but I can’t really claim it yet.   
 When I do, it will go on the sidelines or at the bottom of my blog.  It’s only here for informational purposes.  And because I love it.

So...  even if it's only a line or two, I'm posting every day this month.

And that’s it for now.  From Me and My Dog, have a nice night, everyone! : ) 

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  1. When my oldest daughter was around that age, I would tell everyone that she was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. LOL


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