Friday, September 3, 2010

Want to see my new office?

WELCOME to my new Follower, Karen!   Thanks for coming along with me on my trip preparing to RV fulltime!  And thank you also for your comment about the bird seed and my dog eating it.  You and Marikay both offered suggestions on what to get instead (either "Sunflower Chips" from Walmart, or Hulled Sunflower Seeds), and I am going to do that.  It looks like I can get either one at Walmart.  I thank you both, and so does Katie!

Well, about work.  We have a new office as of last Monday.  When our lease ended this year, my employer bought property and built it out to work for us.  He's been working on it for months, and isn't done yet, but last Friday we packed up the last of our things, and over the weekend he moved the last bit to the new address.

When we arrived at work on Monday morning, everything was in place.  Our IT guy had all our phones and computers, printers, scanners, etc. set up, the kitchen area was stocked, and we were ready to go.  It's nice to finally be here in this brand new office.  The kitchen and bathroom are beautiful, new carpet, new ceilings, fresh paint on all the walls, new doors, new lighting.  He really did a great job.

This is my work space.

Looks like I need a picture on the wall.  We have lots around the office, I need to snag one.  The bookkeeper is on the other side of the partition.

And this is the kitchen area.
Check out the floor.  

Isn't it pretty?  My boss did it himself - first time he's tried a design like this and it turned out really well.

Close up of the floor.

So...this is where I spend my time at work.  Until I'm RETIRED and FULLTIMING it.

Update on Craig's List sales:  I sold my piano today!  It is a Yamaha Portable Grand Piano and was in perfect condition.  I just never learned to play it, and am happy to have the money.  A college student learning to play the piano bought it, and he was really excited about it.  He had money ready for me in his pocket, I think he was going to try to negotiate, but when he saw the piano's condition, he pulled out his wallet and added $50 to make the full asking price.  Nice!

That was a big listing - now I have three more large pieces to sell, dining room table and chairs, baker's rack, and an antique platform rocker.  For now that's all the furniture I'm selling.  I hope the dining room set sells soon.  Then I'm going to put a table in the dining room and put all the smaller things there with prices on them.

Where I live, they have a community garage sale every year in October.  You sign up, they give you the signs and put you on the "map," and on the day of the sale you put your stuff out on your driveway or in your garage or carport.  I've never done it, but this year I SURE AM!  (And probably next year, too, if I'm still here.)

I'm starting to gather things now and marking them with prices so I'll be ready when October comes.  Anything that's left at 3:00, AmVets brings a truck and picks it all up for you, so then you have a tax deduction (and don't have to haul it away.)  That's a pretty nice deal.  For everyone.

My credit card balances are going down, down, down.  This month I'll knock off another large chunk.

Take care, everyone - it's the weekend!  : )


  1. Inch by inch, anything's a sinch!
    You're getting closer and closer every day! It must thrill you to see such progress toward your dream, I know each completed step propells me to the next one.
    Your office is lovely and your boss did a superb job on the floor!
    Enjoy your long weekend!
    Kathy (seashellsandoveralls)

  2. Nice office. It would almost be a pleasure to work again... NOT

  3. There is something incredibly satisfying about knocking out a chunk of debt!

    Congrats on the piano sale -- and good luck at the community sale!

  4. lovely office you work in!!..and yes, your boss did a very nice job on the tile work..good for you for starting to sell some of your bigger step at a time!!

  5. Congrats on the piano sell, one step at a time. Looks like a really nice environment to work in, makes it easier and feels good about being set up like that.
    Take care & have a great weekend.
    Mike & Gerri

  6. Good work on the credit card bills--and congrats on selling the piano.


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