Friday, September 3, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

First, WELCOME to Sam and Donna!  Thank your signing up to be a Follower of my Blog.  I appreciate it, and hope you enjoy my daily posts - or almost daily. : )

I've had a Wii Fit for a while - at first I made sure I weighed in and did at least 20 minutes a day using the different types of activities.  Then I started skipping days, and now I hardly use it.  I guess I was a little bored doing the same "favorite" things every day.

A while ago I got the new program "Wii Fit Plus."  It has lots of new things that really looked interesting.  I haven't tried them all, but one that I love is the "Rhythm Parade."

The  Rhythm Parade has a Drum Major, and guess who it is?  ME!  Or I should say Mii! 

This is what the activity looks like.   (This is not me, got it on You Tube):

It’s so funny… the first time I did it I found myself really feeling like I was in a parade.  You just march and wave your arms, so you're doing more than just marching.  You look around at the cheering crowd - how could you not love it?

I actually did march in a parade in San Francisco - the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  I was in grammar school, a Lieutenant in my Catholic School's drill team.   That's how I learned to turn sharp corners.  : )  Our Drill Team marched in other parades, too, but I don't remember where they were.

As well as having fun while getting many different kinds of exercise, working out with the Wii Fit Plus is something you can do in a small space, in any kind of weather.  I plan to take it with me in my RV.  Do you have one?  Do you use it in your RV?   If so, do you have enough room for it? 

I need to use my Wii Fit Plus LOTS more than I do - starting tomorrow.


  1. How neat, a Lieutenant, I was a LTJG in the Navy many years ago, MY German Grandmother used to call me her little Unter-Luietnant in German. However I loved my time as a Sgt on the police department better, that was a much nicer rank to have.Be safe out there.Sam & Donna.


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