Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog ads, Realtor appointment tomorrow

Some of my readers made good points regarding having ads on my blog, and I'm taking it to heart.  You are right, I think, and for now I'm abandoning the idea of having ads on my posts to generate income. I don't really mind them on other people's blogs.  I just ignore them unless they catch my eye and I'm interested in the content, then I'll click on them.  I dont' mind generating a little income for you guys!  : )

One of my future plans is to add a second tab to the blog.  The address of this blog site is  The Dewell Designs part is the name of my company.  I've used that name on and off for a few years when making cards, digital scrapbook pages, etc., and it will be the name of my company if I decide to have an Internet site for resumes, word processing, editing, etc. I had a business for 15 years, and supported myself quite well from my home part of the time, and from an off-site office about half the time.  I love working on the computer, have good skills in the word processing area, love the English language, and edit other people's work and websites.  I'm really looking forward to doing that again if it works out, and I can work from anywhere my RV home is parked.

So, if I do add that tab, I may put ads there, since it will be about a business.  It won't be the business website, but will be an overview with the link to my website. 

I can just picture myself sitting at the kitchen table with Katie by my side, in the middle of a beautiful forest (or maybe by the ocean) creating resumes and documents for my customers.  That's usually how I picture my future full-timing life.  Either that, or cooking in my little kitchen.  ONE MORE YEAR!

By the way, I have a Realtor coming tomorrow at 2:00 to take a look at my condo and see what it might be worth now, or in the coming months.  If the number is too low, I also want to know what he could lease it for.  I want him to see the bedroom before the leak is repaired and all the painting, etc., is done and it's back to normal so he won't have any questions about what he's selling or leasing and that the repairs were done correctly.
This Realtor sold the condo across the lawn from me.  The original owner, who was in her 90's, was moved to a care home, and it had no updates since it was built in the 60's.  The front was overgrown somewhat with bushes.  The Realtor, Doug, trimmed the bushes, removed some, and planted flowers.  When he was done, and he did the work himself and paid for it himself, the place looked 100 percent better from the outside. It sold quickly. 

The current owner has an out-of-town job and leased it a year ago. The tenant moved out after a year and it is now leased to the nice young couple I've mentioned before.  So, I'm thinking if I did want to purchase my RV sooner than planned, I could lease the condo and move into an RV park locally pretty inexpensively, and keep working and get used to the full-timing life.  IF the numbers work.

I'm excited about my appointment with Doug tomorrow - I'll let you know what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed!

From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!  : )


  1. Good luck with the realtor. I hope he brings you good news. I agree that curb appeal is a big seller. It's the first thing buyers see and first impressions are usually the ones that stick with us the longest. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  2. I have a realtor coming tomorrow too! Let's hope they both do good work for us!
    I won't be listing till march 1. But at least he's been forward about already having some people interested in the house :)


  3. Sounds like a really motivated realtor! The best kind! I hope he serves you well.

    Have you looked at sologig? It's sometimes hard to weed through but I qa frined of mine has gotten a couple of good editing jobs through them.

    Take good care!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. Good luck to you with the realtor! There's a lot of us with our houses on the market, just waiting for 'the one' buyer!

  5. The time is just going to FLY by!! Good luck with the Realtor!


  6. fingers crossed..hope all goes well with the realtor!!

  7. I feel the excitement when one of the others who are on the path to full timing makes a significant move. I consider talking to realtor just that.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  8. Good Luck! I'll be thinking of you. Its very exciting to be making a big step like that - it moves it into the realm of real possiblity :-)

  9. fingers crossed..hope all goes well with the realtor!!


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