Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Virus - part 2


Our IT guy, Tim, took my laptop to his shop and will work on it for me.  He said I do have a virus, but since I have Norton it may not have "imbedded."  We'll see. 

An e-mail went to one of the woman at work and she clicked on the link in the virus e-mail.  Tim checked her computer and it was okay, so I'm hoping if anyone else did that they will be okay, too.  He checked my work computer also and it was fine. 

We're pretty careful at work about the websites we visit, and I asked Tim if it was okay for me to read blogs on the company computer.  He said they are text documents and are no problem.  If they have a link, though, be careful unless you know where the link goes.

I've tried to contact everyone I knew was sent the phony e-mails, and heard a lot of stories about recent virus attacks, so I guess something is going around that is particularly bad.  Face book goes into your e-mail accounts, too, to reach the e-mails of people you might want to friend.  So that's concerning me now, too.

I was SOOO glad blogs are not a problem and that I won't have to worry about following all of you on your adventures.  Whew!

I think we can assume Tim will kill that virus and everything will be okay.  If there is anything to report I'll let you know. In the meantime, delete any e-mails you get from me in the next couple of days. 

From me and Katie, who has no clue what a computer virus is, have a great Tuesday afternoon! : )


  1. I've been told that if you use a Ma there is almost no virus problems.

  2. Hi, That's disturbing that Norton didn't catch the virus. I use Norton. I don't know what I'd do without my computer!! A pat for Katie!

  3. I've had friends wih he same problem. I don' hink he had o ge anhing fixed hough. Glad ou can sill use our compuer!

    Sorr for he weird commen. I canno use 2 kes on m keboard!


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