Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Electromate® 400 and fridge photo

I saw this on Regis and Kelly one morning - it sounded like a good thing to have in an RV. Does anyone have one, or have an opinion?  I saw it advertised on Amazon.com for $107.  

It's a power supply, jump starts vehicles, inflates balls and tires, built-in LED light that never needs replacing, and recharges with a household extension cord.    Would this be useful in your RV? Or do you have something like this for emergencies that works well?  I saw some on Amazon.com that also charge cell phones.
Electromate® 400 AC/DC Portable Power Station/Jump-Starter /Compressor - MODEL # VEC026BD

I'm joining the ranks of the fridge photo people.  Here's mine:

Don't hate me!  I just cleaned it out and scrubbed the inside over the weekend, which I NEVER do, and threw away all the old stuff, so it will never look like this again.  It's usually pretty full and not so organized.  LOL.  Seemed like a good time to take my fridge photo!

I had a hard time finding this refrigerator.  There is a broom closet on the left and a cupboard (top and bottom) with tile counters on the right, so I had a specific width to work with.  All the side-by-sides I found were too wide to fit, but I finally found this one. It's narrow, but it works.   

From Me and My Dog, Katie (who is happily chewing on her rawhide toy right now), have a great Tuesday, everyone! : ) 


  1. There are several brands of those and for me as a SOLO, having one was invaluable. My main use was keeping air in my motorhome tires as well as my motorcycle.

    Mine also worked as an inverter and I used it to fire up my computer during the day rather than use my big on-board inverter. Also good for outside use with little radios, tv's, etc.

    I never had to use the jump-start but was glad to have that capability. Stu has one as well, and uses it for the motorcycle tires.

    It's heavy...LOL! Oh, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=iridemyown-20 is my Amazon link. ;-)

    http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=compressor+charger+inverter&x=0&y=0 will let you compare brands and models. Be sure to check out the reviews.

  2. I like it! that seems like an great tool to keep handy. Especially after reading Donna's comment. Adding it to the list!

  3. We have one with fewer bells and whistles that we kept in the car. The compressor (on ours) hasn't the oomph for truck tires without overheating. The jumpstart worked for the car but was insufficient for the truck while in Maine but worked once for us in Louisiana when I left the radio on all night.

    These days I use a spare Group 24 marine battery we carry to power the inverter for the CPAP machines when boondocking. It'll handle truck starting duties in a pinch. The inverter has a USB port for recharging cell phones. We run a 110 volt compressor that will fill truck tires without coughing or throwing up its guts, powered by either a campground hookup or the generator when boondocking.

  4. Just be sure it has enough power to inflate your RV tires. My present tires require 100 lbs, and I had to buy a larger air compressor to accomplish that pressure.

    Cleaning your frig before taking a picture seems like cheating, doesn't it. :))

  5. I have never seen or heard of one of those machines, but I'll bet they would come in handy. Katie looks so cute.

  6. I could post a picture of my fridge as the oldest one around...but I won't. It's hanging on by a thread. I went and looked at replacements... expensive...yikes. I'll have to replace it if I decide to rent my house. Thanks for the info on the machine, it looks like the thing to have.

  7. nice work on the fridge!!..we have a side by side too..Doug had to take the baseboard off before we were able to put it in the spot.and when it runs the stove vibrates! I guess you could say it is a tight fit!!

  8. I have the Sears mid-weight model, which does not have a compressor. As others have related, a 110 v compressor with some real power will generally be needed to fill RV tires.

    As a portable power system, my little unit is adequate for my conversion van camping. Having the jump start feature handy is just that. Handy.

  9. That looks like a clever gizmo to have. The Black & Decker, I mean, although a fridge is great, too.

    Froggi mentioned her Amazon link, and I would encourage you to always use a link like this that many of us have on our blogs. It doesn't cost you any more than going right to the site, and Amazon leaks a little money into our wallets when you do it that way. Win-win. I know some readers think it's tacky to be affiliates, but I'm a big fan.

  10. Great looking fridge, makes me want to clean ours out. Interesting blog, keep it up.

  11. We have one of those power gadgets - we used it a few times to keep our cooler cool on a long drive - and once to keep my laptop charged when we were off-grid. And the rest of the time its sat at home unused. Was it worth it? Maybe? We also have a tiny tire air pressure thing that runs off the truck battery. That's handy cause its small enough to have around. Others may have different experiences though.


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