Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back in The Palms

A big WELCOME to our newest Follower, Jim!  I don't see any information at all about you, Jim, but you're our 200th Follower, and we are very happy to have you along on our adventures!  Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy following along with Katie and me on our adventures!!

Katie and I loaded up The Palms on Monday and drove down to Santee Lakes RV Park. We were two weeks early, so we lost the site I originally reserved, but I was lucky to get one at all!  I didn't realize what a snowbird area this is, and there were only three sites available for a 30-day term. Two were very short and close to neighbors, and one was more for a longer rig and had room on the sides, leaving enough space between rigs.  After being in the desert for six weeks, I didn't want to have to look into people windows every time I glanced out my window, so this one works fine for us.

So, we're here for a month.  I haven't been out much, just for Katie's walks.  We aren't going far, but I'm trying to go a bit further each time.  I'm finding I've lost my day to day "routine," and guess it'll come back as I feel better.  I'm still resting a lot, but I see the surgeon tomorrow, and I'll ask him if I'm taking it too easy on myself, or if I should be doing more at this point.

Tom's house is so comfortable, and the big bed in the guest room was a dream to sleep in, but it sure is nice to be home.  Now that I'm feeling better, I'm finding myself getting a little bored.  Too well to sleep all day, and not quite well enough to be running around doing my normal stuff.

Plus, I'm disappointed that the TV here isn't very good.  I'm only getting a few channels, and not the ones with the best programs.  I had a "box" for the old TV that was in here and I got more channels, but I gave it away, thinking I didn't need it with my new digital TV.  But I'm finding the few channels I'm getting are only digital, and I get none of the "air" channels.  I think I used to get both when I had the box hooked up.   Do you think I still need a cable box, with the digital TV, if I'm on the antenna?

When we drove in on Monday, I saw more large birds along the entry road lakes than I saw all last June.  I finally stopped and got the camera.  I'm hoping to get lots more when we're walking more.

This little guy was sitting in the middle of a puddle in the road.

There were tons of ducks of all colors, too, fishing and swimming.  They were really loving the rain!  We had a couple of days of grey skies, but for the last couple of days it's been really nice here, and the weekend is supposed to be HOT.

Even though I'm not posting as much while I'm recovering, I am still reading all your blogs, and can't wait until I'm back to normal and having as much fun as you are! 

That's it for today - From Me and Katie, have a great Thursday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. I've read that digital signals aren't as strong so don't reach as far as the old analog signals did. In places where one could get channels on analog they no longer can since it's all gone to digital broadcasting...the over-the-air is still digital. About the only answer is satellite or cable if you're any distance..say like more than 25 mi. from the station or in terrain with lots of hills or mountains. Maybe a really expensive, fancy antenna would pull more in, but maybe not.

  2. It is good to see you back in blogland! Your body will tell you how much it wants to do.

  3. Glad to see your back.

    Your television might not be set to the Tv antenna which you have to manually do. As well you have to set the television to scan for local channels otherwise all you'll get is static city.

    Like Nan says your body will tell you when it's time to rest and how far you can push yourself.

    It's about time.

  4. So glad you are feeling so much better and that you and Katie are able to get back into the Palms. I enjoy your posts so much and look forward to when you will be able to get back on the road to fulfill your dreams and to let us share in your journey. Your posts give me that little glimpse of the possibility of the future RVing full-time.

    Be patient and take the time to heal completely.

  5. Doesn't it feel wonderful to be back home again. So glad you are well enough to be able to get out and walk a bit with Katie.

  6. Wow, I think you are making a very quick recovery. Back in the RV and out on your own already. I'm sure that your walking with Katie should help you out and she, of course, will really enjoy it. The hints you have already gotten on your RV situation are good ones, especially the reprogramming the channels. That can make a huge difference and needs to be done every time you move to a new location. Hope you have some good books with you too. Maybe you can do some catching up on the WomensRV forum and Facebook too.

  7. As a solo traveler, it didn't take me too long to see the advantages to a satellite dish for me. The winters are dark and long, and I've enjoyed watching shows that I like with DISH. The cost is worth it to me. Your experience may be different. :)

    Glad to hear you are back on the road. Easy does it!

  8. So glad you're back in your "home".

    I have the converter for one of my TVs, the other is digital. I get the same channels on both all over antenna TV.

  9. The large bird pics are great! Thanks for taking the time (and energy) to post them. Am glad your feeling better, and hope all goes well with your doctor.

    Since I don't have my RV yet, I sometimes feel like a voyeur reading all the posts and helpful hints/comments, but I want everyone to know I really think you all are so very wonderful. I love the supportive community and can't wait to "officially" be a part of it all one day.

    Continue taking care of yourself. Glad you found a spacious space. ;) HugZ to you and Katie, DSD

  10. Happy to hear you are back in the Palms. I'm sure your family was great to be around and I bet they took really good care of you. But as they say there is no place like home.
    Take care.

  11. Loved it when you said it was good to be back 'home' again. That sure is the way I feel about my rig.

    So happy to see you blogging again and seeing your name come up in the comments on other's Blogs.

    Love the pics especially of the one in the middle of the road !! LOL

  12. Take care of yourself. Don't push too hard, you don't want to end up two steps back. Great feeling to feel back home. Our feet are getting itchy for our rig. Enjoy your posts. Can you get missed shows on Hulu?

  13. Welcome home! I know it was comfy in the house where you were staying, but also know there really is no place like home. We are using only our rig antenna for TV and picked up one of these and have been able to pick up a few additional stations. The reception is crystal clear, and I really think the Wingman made a big difference. We are in a valley, so the addition of just one or two more stations was a bonus! I bet you will be back to doing your old routine before long, so try and enjoy a bit of enforced down time! :)

  14. Glad that you are settling back in! :)

    I was going to say the same thing about going to the tv menu and scanning for channels. We only got a few with the antenna at first, and after we scanned, the number of channels tripled.

  15. I agree with Judy about having a satelite dish. We splurged and bought an automatic roof top antenna and we love it. We always have every channel and there has not been any far anyway.

    We have Tivo boxes also, so we always have Tivo'd programs when we want to watch tv.

    Glad to hear you're back home.

  16. Good to hear you and Katie are back in the Palms and you found a suitable site. Nice shots of the birds, hope you keep feeling better and better everyday.

  17. Barb , glad you are feeling better and hope you progress continues.

    I was wondering if you have every read the blog It is is great blog by a couple that is currently staying in Santee lakes as well. He is a sharp guy and may be able to help you with your tv reception. I know that bloggers like to meet other bloggers especialy in the Rv world . I have read your blog for some time now and joined as a follower last month, my wife and I live in El Cajon. Perhaps we will meet some day ...Scott

  18. I have a dome satellite mounted on my motor home and also have a VuQube which is one of the portable automatic dishes that you can set out on the ground about 50 feet from your rig. If you camp more where there are trees I would recommend the portable dish. I find that I use the portable dish more. If you decide to get one get something that automatically finds a signal.

    Glad you and Katie are back home.


  19. great to see your back home and recovering still need to rest it will certainly take awhile to be all the way back-so don't rush it...:) good luck at the surgeon appt and I hope you get good results.

  20. I was going to suggest the Winegard Wingman too, but saw that Texas Yellow Rose already did. Us Texan's think alike ;-) My antenna isn't a winegard, so I could not use one. But maybe it would help on yours if you have a winegard? I have the DTV box as my tv won't pick up stations without it.
    And Welcome Home!!


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