Friday, March 2, 2012

We're back in Quartsize

WELCOME to our newest Follower, JulieinOregon, who is a brand new blogger, and future RVer.  She's just started her blog, and hopes to be on the road in a year.  Good Luck, Julie, we're happy to have you following along with us on our adventures - welcome aboard! :) 

WELCOME also to Encourage One Another who has a blog that has spiritual, inspirational posts. There is no information about the poster, so I don't know if you're an RVer, but Katie and I welcome you along on our travels, we're happy to have you join us!  :)

There isn't much to take photos of so far here in Quartzsite, so I'm putting the leftovers from Hot Springs in this post.

On Wednesday morning, Katie and I packed up and moved.  This is the bridge going out of the Hot Spring LTVA - the bridge we couldn't cross.  When we drove out the way Carolyn showed me, it was a lot easier than the way we came in. 

First we drove to Yuma to visit the Walmart.  I was going to buy new chairs, etc., to replace the things I left at my site in Quartzsite in January.  I planned to drive on to Quartzsite to dump and add fresh water, and see who was left at my old camp site area.  After seeing the prices I'd have to pay for new campsite stuff, I decided I'd see if they saved my things.

 My neighbor across the street at Hot Springs had this digital sign.
He'd change the saying every few days.

After leaving the dump/water area, we drove up the road to our old area, and lots of the people who were there when I left are still here.  I was able to retrieve my chairs and table, American flag with it's holder, my solar lights, etc.  It really felt like coming home when I drove into Quartzsite.  It's the place I've spent the most time, so I guess that makes sense.

 This is how they disguise some of the cell towers in Southern California.
(That's not a Palm tree.)

It's been really windy here. Wednesday wasn't bad, but yesterday and today have been too windy to be outside.  The sand is blowing, and other than taking Katie out, we are staying inside.

I'm still having generator problems.  The generator is powering my electrical plugs, but not charging my batteries - again!  This seems to be an ongoing problem, so I just called a place in Blythe, Empire Southwest, that was recommended by a few people here.  I'll take The Palms in Monday morning, and see what they say.  They charge $130 an hour for labor, so I hope they are able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

My solar system is working fine and doing exactly what I wanted it to do, which is to power the plugs in the front area of The Palms.  I have my computer on all day, and can watch TV, too, if I'm in a place that gets good reception.  But I still want to be able to charge the house batteries with the generator.  If we have some cloudy days, we'll need that.

I'll let you know what happens with Empire Southwest.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

 This beautiful sunset at Hot Spring looked like a watercolor.

Nothing else going on.  Just taking it easy and enjoying every day.  I wanted to get one of those wind things on a pole that you can put outside and watch when it's windy. I never did get one, but one of my neighbors has one, and it's been blowing like crazy today.  Winds are gusting from 20 to 45 MPH today. The sand is flying when it gusts get good.

I was asked what the landscape at Hot Spring looked like.
This is The Palms in the middle taken from the road. 

Don't get blown away!

Wind ornament in Quartzsite's gusty weather.

 From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  :)


  1. That's cool that you got all of your stuff back upon your return. Hope the winds subside for you.

  2. It's good to know that there are still some honest people in this world and they are called RVers.

    From what I'm hearing you are expecting too much from your generator. They are only set to Trickle Charge batteries. Some have special circuits for this purpose but are really slow. Others not having that feature will charge your batteries anytime you plug your power cord into it but are even slower because just as if you were in a campground the converter only Trickle Charges your batteries.

    In other words Generators are ineffient ways of charging batteries. They will charge your battery while you use the Microwave or Air-Conditioner but cost effient they are not for charging alone.

    Your solar panels are more economical to charge your batteries and less noisy, but the most efficient and economical way to charge those batteries is when you are driving down the road. Once you engine battery is charged a car would just stop charging, but an RV starts sending the extra power to the house batteries and everyone is happy.

    Be more energy wise and don't leave things on like an Inverter that even though are good for ruuning things are also eneryhogs.

    Ask other people of what I just commented and I'm sure they will agree, and it won't cost you $138.00 an hour.

    It's about time.

  3. Glad you made it "back home" alright, and your stuff was well taken care of for you and your return. Nice having friends that you can rely on. Hugs to Katie.

  4. That's great about getting your stuff. You had some good people watching it for you. I think the wind is blowing all over Arizona and we don't like it here either.

  5. I've been reading a lot about solar and generators and on one of the websites (sorry don't remember which one), the guy hates generators, doesn't have one. He said his truck engine is his generator.

  6. Thank you for the mention and welcome. I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me want to get into an RV and follow you around! You two just seem to have so much fun. I was wondering if you enjoyed the hot springs? Will you go back? Great Pic of the sunset! I'm originally from the bay area also :)

  7. Hi Barbara, I was talking to my husband about your generator problems. Here is how our generator charges our motorhome coach batteries. When we are traveling or boondocking our shoreline electric cord plugs into our generator. From there the built in battery charger inside the motorhome (we believe it under the kitchen sink) charges the coach batteries. The charger is all part of the electrical system. You need to find out if you have that charger and if so is it working properly. The problem might not be the generator at all. Good Luck!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
    Diane H.

  8. So glad you got your stuff back. RVers are some of the nicest people on the planet!! Give Katie hugs from me.

  9. nice to be back in your favourite neighbourhood and that the neighbours looked after your stuff!..looks like it was a windy day!..batton down the hatches!!

  10. That was really nice of your nieghbors to keep you stuff for you. See they new you would be back.
    I hit winds leaving the RV Park this morning but they died down on I10 until I was back in Tucson. Then it hit here to.

  11. Hi Barbara and Katie
    We will be leaving early next Saturday. Will you still be in Q?, same place? Would love to see you before I get to Phoenix.
    Angel says "Hi" too.

  12. Way too cool that your things were being watched in Q. Glad to hear that!

  13. Barb , glad you are feeling better and that you made it back to Q . I had a thought about your electrical problem, there is a guy that winters down there named Handy Bob , he is a solar as well as electrical engineer and folks say he is super to deal with, and knows his stuff. His web address is I bet he could figure out your problem and probably much less expensive than the shop rate you were quoted . Good luck ..Scott

  14. So glad to hear you are back on the road, and made it back where you left off, and all your stuff was there waiting for you!

  15. That is so lovely that they saved your things. Awesome. There are so many wonderful people in the RV world, and blogger land! :)


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