Monday, February 27, 2012

Hot Spring LTVA - Near Holtville, CA

We arrived at Hot Spring LTVA on Wednesday, and as I posted before, since the bridge entrance was out, we had to go along the canal on dirt roads to get here.  Yesterday one of my neighbors, a very nice woman named Carolyn, told me there was an easier way out, and took me in her car to show me the way.  Actually the way I came in wasn't entirely legal.  She said the first part I took (from the bad bridge along the first part of the dirt road to the bridge that I crossed) was not a legal way to get that far.  There is another road, leading to another road, which takes you to the bridge you can cross, then turn right onto the dirt road leading to the camping area.

If it sounds confusing, well that's why Carolyn took me in her car.  I told her yesterday that when she first explained how to get out, all I heard was, "Nah, nah, nah, nah... Nah, nah, nah." 

Now I have an easier way to leave, it takes half of the dirt road off the way out and leads to Highway 8 east to Yuma.

Also, she said "they" came in the day after I got here and filled the holes in the dirt road, so... If you were planning to come here, it isn't as hard as I made it seem.  Sorry about that - it's all I knew at the time, and the way I was told to get here.

Another thing, though, if you are coming from Yuma in the east, the 10-mile frontage road, I'm told, is far worse than the road I came in on. Everyone recommends coming in from the west.

Katie and I are enjoying our stay here, it's surprising quiet, especially considering we have Highway 8 on one side, pretty close, and some sort of power plant on the other side, a little further away.  The lights of the plant are very visible in the evenings, but the noise from both isn't much, and I've been sleeping like a log since we arrived.

Our campsite at sunset

This is the third time I've seen a Roadrunner the first day at a campsite.  Usually I don't see them again, but this morning I saw another one running by my window and crossing the road.

Roadrunner spotted at Hot Spring

The terrain is similar to Quartzsite LTVAs, except there are more bushes, and they are larger.  Of course it has a hot spring, which I'm sure is the draw to this LTVA, but other than the spring, I much prefer the Quartzsite area which has a town close by, and a free dump site and water for my tanks.

This is the Hot Spring below.  It has a shower, you can see the spray on the left, and it's suggested that you rinse off in the shower before getting into one of the pools.  There are two small pools.  The entire Hot Spring is fenced, and there are no pets allowed in that area.

To the right, alongside the pool area, is the spring shown below, enclosed by palms.  You can barely see the water unless you walk right up to the trees.  There is no soaking or swimming in this water.

I wondered about the cleanliness of the water in the pool with so many boondockers using it. But I was assured the mineral water was clean, and in fact, the pool is thoroughly cleaned every week. Lots of the people here go to the spring every day, some in the very early morning, others during the day, others in the evening. 

In case you're interested, these are the rules.
Bathing suits only, and they are not optional.

There are two bathrooms near the Hot Spring area, very simple restrooms with vault toilets.

They seemed clean, and there was no odor, even though someone left the lid up on this one.

I keep thinking I'm in Arizona, but this LTVA is in California.  We have beautiful sunsets here every night.

 Beautiful Hot Spring Sunset

Super windy this morning, still a little breezy, but warm and sunny.  Another great day boondocking!

From Me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. It looks inviting! I'm so glad you are feeling stronger! Keep it up!

  2. maybe the roadrunner was on the lookout for Mr. Wylie E Coyote!!

  3. I've heard about this place. Sounds very interesting. I love that you are open to trying new areas and point out what is good and what you don't like so well about the place.

  4. Looks like a nice site, you have a lot of space around your RV. I tried to take a picture of a roadrunner in Texas, but it was moving away too fast.

  5. A nice change being back in the desert again. And seems like a nice spot to spend some time. We enjoyed the Roadrunner pictures.

  6. I am so very, very glad that you and Katie are back to your wonderful lifestyle. You are such an inspiration to all of us women who RV.

  7. LOVE those roadrunners!!! Only saw some at the Low-Hi in New Mexico. So glad u are well enough & back to what u want to do!! Looks like a beautiful place!

  8. I've heard that there is also a short-term BLM area at Holtville - does that seem to be the case?

    The Good Luck Duck

  9. You have gorgeous sunset pictures. Hopefully next year all the roads around the hot springs will be repaired. At least that's what I'm hoping!!

  10. Looks like a nice place.
    Great shot of the roadrunner they usually don't stay still long enough to get a shot. Sunsets are always great.
    Windy here to it was terrible. Allergies kicked in again bad. Oh well Its camp or stay home. I'll camp.:)

  11. I love your pics and the sunset is just beautiful! It looks like you are having a great time exploring!

  12. Barbara, So great to know that you are on the road again and doing what you love.

    Those grandkids of yours sure are cuties !!

  13. Glad to see you are recovering well, and out and about again. I noticed your tv antenna was up, do you get tv on solar?
    I am looking for RV again. Ready to get on the road again.

  14. glad your recovering well-gorgeous pictures..I'm playing blog catchup this evening..had a few stop overs with sketchy wifi


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