Monday, November 22, 2010

Lots of new Followers, and a First Place Winner!

Well, I have an embarrassment of riches today - four new Followers - WOW!  WELCOME to you all, and thank you for joining Me and Katie as we get ready to pursue our (my) dream of full-timing.  Well, actually, if she could talk, I think Katie would say this is her dream, too.  You've seen her in the car seat - she's always ready to go!  Just yell, "Road Trip!"   : )

Dee and Jim, Tumbleweed - I've been following your blog, too, and always enjoy your posts.  Nice article about you guys in the Garner newspaper - congratulations!

Terria Fleming from Daily Good, I LOVED the story about The Whale!  Definitely nice to read about Good Things.

Laura from Pursuit of Idle Pleasures - great blog and great house and great RV.  You've got it all covered! And you're retiring next month.  Soooo covered!

Kate and Terry - Travels in Cholula Red - I've been a Follower of your blog also and love your photos. Sunday's hummingbird shot with the feeder is fantastic. How'd you do that?

My eldest granddaughter, Kennedy, who is 7 years old, is a member of a competition cheer squad.  They practice twice a week, during the week they practice cheer, and on Sunday they have a gymnastics class.

 Kennedy's flip in September at practice

On Sunday Kennedy attended her first competition.  I called her when they were on the way home from Los Angeles (I think, somewhere up there) and she said she was kind of nervous before competing, she didn't know what to expect.  And guess what?

They won First Place for their division!  

That big trophy will be displayed at the facility where she practices, and on Tuesday evening they are having a ceremony where all the team members will be awarded ribbons.   I'm very proud of her and all the hard work she put into earning that trophy with her team!

Is Katie's Daily Puppy Pic the cutest thing, or what?

Short week for us at work.  Today, tomorrow, Wednesday, and that's it.  Nice! I'm also taking Monday off in lieu of my paid holiday Friday, which is a regular day off for me.  My boss isn't happy about me taking an extra day off, but the rest of the company gets Thursday and Friday off, paid, so we had a little discussion about it this afternoon, and he agreed to give me an extra paid day off.   From the research I've done on-line, that seems to be what most companies do, so...  He thinks I'm taking advantage - what do you think?  Any opinions?  Am I wrong?  I'd appreciate any input, and am willing to be flexible.

That's all for today - From Me and My Dog, Katie, have a wonderful Monday evening, everyone! : )


  1. Every place I have ever worked offered a different day off if a paid holiday fell on my normal day off. I don't think you're taking advantage at all. I think he's trying to not pay you for the holiday. Of course, he could just pay you for the day in addition to your regular work week.

    Congratulations to Kennedy and the whole team! That's an awesome feat and she should be very, very proud!

  2. Wow, your grandchildren are amazingly athletic!

  3. Great job by Kennedy, I just love when kid's are competitive instead of vegative, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. My take - your boss knows you better than to know you would take advantage. If he has any insight at all, he will realize it sooner or later.

    Enjoy your Holiday with sweet Katie!

  5. Hi, from Atlata Ga.. Ditto your "stealth" reading" lots of forums and blogs. I'm new to all this and don't have a Blog yet. Reading others, getting ideas to put one together. DH and I are retired, have 2 sr. longhair doxies. We're not full time RVers but, we Camp in our Viking PoP Up (NASCAR). We have looked at smaller motorhomes, but not in our plans unless we win the Lottery!! Keep up the cute blog w/Katie, and I'll have some inspiration to do my Blog. Happy Thanksgiving. Karen

  6. You got yourself another follower here!


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