Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking a small break

After blogging every day since the first, suddenly I keep saying to myself, "I got nothing!"  Can't think of anything for the blog, and I'm not doing anything interesting, and don't have any ideas.  Writer's block?  Dull life?  Not really, just needing a break, I think. 

So, everything is well, and I'll probably post something tomorrow or Friday.  I have a couple of things I wanted to post, but will wait till then.

So, don't worry.  In case anyone besides my daughter noticed I'm not blogging, I'm okay, Katie's okay.

From Me and Katie, Happy Wednesday, everyone!  : )


  1. Everyone hits a brick wall from time to time, and it's interesting to see what some bloggers pull out of the hat to write about. I guess it's a good idea to keep a little list of things you could expound upon - they don't have to be what happened that day.

  2. been there!!..the writing will come back..not to worry!!

  3. I blogged daily for a while, then wore out. I took a long break (a month or more?), then came back to blogging.

    I am good if I get one to two posts up each week now.

    Enjoy your break!


  4. There is NO rule that says you have to post everyday. We don't.

    Travel Safe

  5. Take it easy and enjoy the break! I know I'm guilty of doing just that (in fact, I haven't posted a real blog post in weeks).

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Now we won't worry about you.

  7. Thanks, everyone, I guess I DID need a few days off. I really wanted to earn those badges the last two months. But I'm not going for November's badge.

    Maybe I could just make MY OWN badge and post it at the end of each month. No matter how many posts I have. I LIKE IT! :)


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