Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving on tomorrow - to Villanueva State Park, NM

Boy, the last three weeks have just flown by.

It's been nice camping near Hazel and Cari again, and we are all going to head on down to Villanueva State Park for a couple of nights. Since they don't have good cell connections, that will probably be enough, and then we are all going on to Bluewater Lake State Park again.  After that, I think I'll head to Glendale AZ to see Ron, my solar guy, and see if he can figure out my converter problem.  His is a full service shop, and he has very good reviews for problem solving.  I hope he will be able to help.

The following are the "clean up photos" that I have left from Bluewater Lake and Storrie Lake that didn't get posted, but I wanted to use them tonight.

These have been hanging around in my photo folder from my last visit at Bluewater Lake:

 The Dam at Bluewater Lake from the other side of the lake.
It's pretty, isn't it?

The full moon behind The Palms

This Great Blue Heron came to the lake late afternoon to fish.

I was sure this squirrel was a Prairie Dog when it came up out of the hole below.  It stood up and looked around just like a Prairie Dog.

I didn't know squirrels had holes burrowed in the fields.

 They have some weird looking squirrels at Bluewater Lake.
Looks like they have a sweater on.  At first I thought he was sick.
The following photos are from Storrie Lake:

 A hawk in the field.

 A flock of these yellow headed blackbirds swarmed in to land in this tree:

 Canada Goose keeping guard at the lake.

I was telling Hazel about this round cat bed I had - Katie won't sleep in it and I wanted to give it away.  She has a cat, Chica, and said she would take it.  So, I brought it over to her rig yesterday and dropped it off.  Not ten minutes later I received this photo in an e-mail.  I think Chica likes the bed! Can you see her?

 The bed is on the passenger seat, and Chica, a black cat, is curled up inside it. 

Notice Hazel's cactus garden and the gorgeous new curtains and cover on the seat back.  Hazel just finished sewing them while she was here at Storrie Lake. She also made valances.  It looks really nice, very rich

 Good night, and don't get my toys!

From me and Katie, have a good evening!  :)


  1. Sure looks like NM has been a nice place for your summer this year. Don't think that I have ever seen any squirrels like Bluewater Lakes either. Safe travels to you and Katie.

  2. Really strange squirrels. Looking forward to your next stop.

  3. do all the squirrels look like that? Beautiful place!

  4. I love the photo of the moon behind your home. Be safe traveling.

  5. That is a strange looking squirrel, looks like its missing part of its fur. Cats like boxes and anything they can curl up inside of.

  6. Bon voyage. Is Katie afraid you're going to give her toys to the cat? So cute!

  7. My Bennie has two beds and he uses both of them - plus the couch of course where he is sleeping right now - and then there's 'my' bed that he takes up 1/2 of at night !! lOL

    Love the curtains and seat cover !

  8. That is a strange looking squirrel, looks like its missing part of its fur. Cats like boxes and anything they can curl up inside of.


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