Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coyote Sighting and Rock Art

Yesterday afternoon I looked up from my computer and glanced out the front windshield, and there was a beautiful coyote strolling right in front of us on the road.  It moved most of the way down the road and then turned left, going through the bushes toward an RV.

Beautiful Coyote

Heading off through the bushes

He looks very healthy, doesn't he?  Since we've gotten here, I don't let Katie off her leash or out of my sight.  Unless we are out in the open, I keep her leash pretty short. Sometimes during the night Katie will wake me up barking, and I can hear all the coyote calls, very loud and close.

The site next to us has some beautiful rock art - these are the ones that made it through the summer.  Someone did quite a bit of work on the rocks in the site.


Native American symbol?

Heart within circles



This looks like Japanese rock stacking - maybe an Inukshuk?


Isn't life interesting?

From Me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Neat photos of the coyote, Barbara. Not often that one can catch sight of them, let alone get a good photo. Thanks for sharing the rock art, too. You must be enjoying your time there in Q.

  2. Great photo of the coyote! I ran outside looking for it after you sounded the alarm. Alas, it was gone. Love your rock art. Didn't realize more were around but guess I hadn't seen them all.

  3. YIKES on the coyote !! Didn't realize they were so brave as to wander during the day like that !!

  4. Indeed it is! Great photo of the coyote. Enjoyed the rock art too.

  5. The coyotes around here don't look that healthy. They have the wildlife practically eliminated. Those rocks made some pretty pictures.

  6. He sure is healthy looking. Must be eating well. Love the rock art someone put lots of time in them.

    Glad to hear you keep Katie on a lead and not wonder with all those coyotes around they could snatch her quick and be gone.

  7. An awesome shot of the coyote. I have lived with coyotes for 13 years and rarely seen the creatures. Generally just glimpses and never with a camera in hand. Great job.


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