Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moved to the Rock Art Site, another coyote sighting

This morning Katie and I moved a few sites down the wash to the one with all the rock art.  It's a pretty level site with long views out each window and so far I like it.  I loved the other site, but just couldn't get level enough without having to use leveling blocks and I wanted to be able to move in and out easily if I want to go to town or get more water, etc.  That ramp in the middle of the site was just in the wrong place, and with thousands of acres of desert surrounding us, it didn't make sense to dig it all out.  It didn't look like that would help with the leveling problem much, anyway.  So... here we are:

Every site has it's own good points.

This coyote is smaller than the first coyote I saw, but he has some beautiful colors in his coat.

Our second coyote sighting.
Here are the best of the bird photos I took the last few days:

Three Mourning Doves on three rocks.
Mourning Dove on a rock.
House Finch eating seed.

 And these are the hummers:

Not much else happening around here.  The weather has cooled down and we've had a lot of wind the last couple of days, so Katie and I are hibernating in The Palms more than usual.  Our new site doesn't have a tree close enough to get good hummer shots, so that might be all for a while.  It sure was fun watching them.  I have the feeder hung in the cactus in the rock art garden, so we'll see if they come around here and if they will be close enough to get some good photos. 

Have a great Sunday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. enjoy your new site!! It seems that no matter where you are parked it all looks good!!

  2. Again I am amazed by the coyote sighting and pic... I have lived full time in their territory and rarely a sighting... now 2 on film in the last week!! Now tell all, do you feed the coyotes too!! I love the photo's. l

  3. You're sure getting some good pictures of the birds and wildlife. What an adventure...

  4. Beautiful pictures. I think you could submit the coyote pic and that last hummer to a number of magazines - seriously. Great work. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos as always. What does Katie think of the coyotes? (Hopefully she'll never see one). Glad you like your new home.

  6. Love the pictures, and a great new site! We haven't stayed anywhere long enough yet to put out our bird stuff. Soon enough!

  7. Barbara your are getting some great hummer photos. Yes you should send them in.
    I really like your new spot.

  8. I'm sure the hummers will follow you and your feeder anywhere! And if you put a chair over by the cactus they will get used to you sitting there, and you will be able to get more shots! They're brave little birds.

  9. I hate using leveling blocks, as I move around a lot, too. I used them once, I think. We have some really small doves around the visitors center here, I think they are called ground doves, darker color and half the size of other doves.


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