Monday, February 25, 2013

We have a Roadrunner. :)

Yesterday I saw a Roadrunner.  I was so excited, I grabbed my camera, opened the curtain and started snapping.  I got a few good shots, and was so happy to have a Roadrunner in the vicinity.

Roadrunners look so funny when they run - it's like their little legs and hips are so far apart on their bodies, as in the second photo. I have other pictures of Roadrunners I've taken while they were running, and they look the same.

Thank you all for the space bag recommendations.  I'm going to check with Walmart and Target and see what I can get. I want the kind you sit on to deflate, instead of having a vacuum cleaner hose.  My vacuum is too small.

Thanks also for all your advice on my wrist.  My left wrist and thumb are still AWOL, but I think I'll be able to use them soon.  One of our followers, Tammy, suggested putting heat on my wrist, and I started it right away.  I have a lavender filled neck warmer, a spa type thing that my daughter gave me years ago, and I heat it up in the microwave.  I've been laying it on the table and wrapping it around my wrist.  I felt some relief that first evening, and every day it's getting better.  Along with Ibuprofen a few times a day.

Works like a charm!

I got a call back from the bone specialist, and she agreed - tendinitis.  She said what I was doing was fine, and it might take a couple more weeks to recover.  She said if I was having a reaction to the pills, I would have overall pain, not localized in one area.

I know that some people have a terrible time with these bone meds and have to stop using them, but most people do fine, and if I am one of those lucky ones, it will benefit my bones for the future.  The specialist felt that my chances of breaking a bone are far greater than having any difficulties with this medicine.  I don't have Osteoporosis, just normal bone loss for a woman my age, and taking the medicine now stops any bone loss and starts rebuilding.  As long as I seem to be doing fine, I think it's worth taking the chance.

In answer to one of the comments, I wasn't able to stop anywhere because it was over a mountain, or mountains, and there wasn't anywhere to pull off, except the side of the road.  In that wind I was afraid someone might blow into me if I was parked there. Not enough room, but I sure would have loved a Walmart, that's for sure.  I was surprised that other RVs and big rigs continued driving like I was.  I didn't see anyone stopping.  Next time I'll wait it out on the side of the road.  You know, live and learn!

I'm going to need to dump my tanks and get water soon.  The most urgent thing is propane, I'm down to a little less than an eighth of a tank, or a little less than one gallon, and of course I need the propane to run my fridge.  Also my Wave 3 heater, but I don't have the strength in my left thumb to push the Piezo button to get it started while my other hand holds in the other button, so I haven't been using that heater since I hurt my wrist.

I've been watching the propane, trying to put off my trip into Holtville to get these things done because I'm not sure I have the strength to get the grey/black tank sewer cap off.  It's on there pretty snug, and I have to manhandle it off.  Not something you want to ask a stranger to help you with, but I may have to.  And then to get it back on.

I think tomorrow is the day.  I'm hoping my wrist will be able to handle that job by tomorrow.  Positive thinking... 

I am still downloading programs onto this new laptop - my digital scrap booking program was lost, as well as all the free "digikits" that are free to download, so I sent off an e-mail to them.  They allowed me to re-install the programs and the ones I've purchased - and all the free kits are still on their website.  I went on the site and was surprised at the new free kits they have added.  :)

If any of you are interested in digital scrap booking (this is the program I use to do most of my graphics, digital card making, logos, etc.), the one I have is no longer available, but they have an upgraded program and you can download it for free.  I originally downloaded a free Digital Scrapbook Artist 2, and then bought the full version.  The current program available is CraftArtist and you can download the free version plus a lot of free digikits by clicking on that link.  There are 48 free kits.

The link will take you to this website:

Serif is the parent company, I think, and CraftArtist Compact is the free program that uses the free kits.

I also downloaded the current free one because the free digikits are now only made for CraftArtist.  There are also many kits you can purchase. I'm not an affiliate for them, so this information is just that - information.  I was so happy they let me download the programs again, I thought they were gone, and I thought I'd give them a shout out.  :)

WELCOME to our newest Followers, Julie and Tom! Their blog, RV and Outdoor Adventures of Julie and Tom have lots of outdoor photos taken during their many hikes. They've been on Blogger since January 2013, but have a few posts going back to 2011.  Check them out.  Thanks for following with us, Julie and Tom - Welcome aboard!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Great to see a blog from you. I thought when I saw your name that you were apparently better. I'm glad you talk to your doctor. I know it takes along time to heal but it will. And I never reinjured mine, I was afraid I would. Your poor arm looked like it was in a cast.
    Thank you for giving out the information for the scrap booking. I have always loved your e-cards. I am going to down load it and give it a try. Continued healing :)

  2. Goodness, I must have missed a few of your blogs - going to have to go back and see what's going on. I hope your wrist gets better...I"ll go read and see what happened. Take care please.

    Nice roadrunner shots. Those guys are so much fun to watch.

  3. I love the road fun to watch! Busy little creatures. What does Katie think about them?

    I am soooo glad your wrist is healing. I do hope you will be careful with the things you need to get done. Most RVers are so nice...I am sure if you need help, there are some who would do it gladly! That's one thing I love about this life we share....nice folks out there!

  4. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see and photograph a roadrunner when I was in AZ a few years ago.

  5. Barbara, I'm less than 50 miles from where you are now so I can hop on the bike and scoot out there to give you a hand with whatever needs doing. You have my e-mail address. Just let me know !

  6. Wow, Barbara, those are some terrific Roadrunner shots. What a coincidence, I just announced the 2nd Annual Roadrunner photo contest a few days ago on my blog. :) Hope to see your entries again.

  7. Barbara, I have tendinitis in one wrist as well and looked on the internet for self actupuressure help. hurts like the dikens but I have hardly any pain now, and when I do I just work on those pressure points that they suggested. Sorry I can't tell you the sites at the moment but will do some cruising around the net to find them and forward to you. I just couldn't see myself getting an operation in my wrists if there was a way to get out of it. Good luck, and heat does help, if nothing else it helps us relax, LOL

  8. Hi Barb! I deal with RA and tendoitisas a sympton. When my hands are bad and I need pumping I usually can find a full service dump where they do all the work or a mobile pumper. Sometimes the mobile pumpers also deliver water and propane. Pricey but better than straining my already hurting joints!

    Love the roadrunners!

  9. Once your wrists heal you might consider using some light weights for your strength me that is the best way to keep your bones strong. Not worth all the side effects of those meds they say are safe...I don't think they are.

  10. If there are any little snakes around your site, that roadrunner should take care of them. :)

  11. When my wrists feel vulnerable, the rubber "helpers" for taking off jar tops come in handy. The ones that are meant for that task are fairly sturdy and will last a long time, but in a pinch, you can use that rubber material that keeps things from sliding around on surfaces. Even the open-weave type will help. A large piece of it kept with your dumping apparatus could help even when you are not in pain. Just makes it easier to unscrew almost anything. If you don't have access to anything like that, but do have rubber gloves for washing dishes, use one of them temporarily. When you get holes in the fingertips, and are ready to dispose of them, keep some strips of the part that goes up your arm to use as aids for this type of task. Once you start using them, you will find lots of ways to make your life easier. And, yes, lifting weights can help, but please start small and with few repetitions until your muscles build up.

    The microwave-heated wraps are a god-send. I use them on a daily basis for all sorts of aches and pains, as well as supplemental heat when going to bed. It takes a while for your body to heat up your bed covers, so having one of these do part of the task for you is a blessing when you slip into a bit-of-warm bed! ;->

  12. I deal daily with arthritis and a degenerative muscle problem. Try using a strap wrench - the rubberstrap type not the metalstrap oil canister ones. Most medium sized auto parts or a Sears store should have them. They consist of a handle 10" - 12" long with an attached strap. Following the directions, wrap it around the sewer cap so the handle can be leaned on and allow gravity and body mass to do the job. Just make sure you anticipate the cap coming off so you don't scrape your knuckles.

  13. I have always wanted to see a road runner -- I think they're so cute. Hope you're hand heals quickly.

  14. The crosswinds in the mountains are often very bad. We know from experience. Peter and I lost one solar panel from the roof of our motorhome 3 years ago. It ripped all the bolts right out of the roof.
    The other stayed on. Lucky for us, there were no cars behind us. No one got hurt. But it was scary, very scary.

  15. Hope your hands are better soon. I use a rubber jar opener to help open my sewer cap. The idea of the strap wrench may work also. I am very aware of the wind here because I have to cross the bridge to South Padre when I visit my daughter. There are several websites along with the Weather Channel that you can watch for anticipated wind speeds for the areas you are traveling too. I avoid driving if the wind is over 20mph and sometimes that is too much.

  16. I hope you heal soon. I am sorry you hurt yourself!

  17. Great to have you here at the Hot Springs, Barbara. Always good to meet a blogger in person.

  18. Glad your wrist is getting better but do not try that sewer connection yourself as you will probably reinjure it. Someone will help you I'm sure or you can take Sassy up on her offer. RVers help each other.

  19. I have carpal tunnel and that can make it extremely painful, on some days, to remove the black hose. This helps tremendously. Much better than using a huge pipe wrench as it does not cause damage to the pvc end.


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