Thursday, February 28, 2013

Huge new campsite :)

 Katie and I have moved to a new campsite.  The site below is the old one, tucked away right next to a side road.  Our site was between the lights you see and the bushes immediately next to us on three sides.  I liked it very much, it was cozy, but I kept my dinette curtains closed all the time for a little privacy.

On Tuesday we went into town (Holtville) six miles from Hot Springs.  It's a nice little old town with everything I needed, even free wi-fi while we were parked outside the library.  I have wi-fi of my own, but couldn't get a couple of apps downloaded to my phone, and as soon as I connected to the library's, my apps immediately downloaded.

The propane is right across the street from the dump/water place.  I paid $7 to dump and $2 for a tank full of water.  I thought the price was good.  Happily, I had no problems taking the sewer cap off when I dumped the tanks.  That was a relief.  (I'm still applying heat and taking Ibuprofen, and every day my wrist and thumbs feel better.)

I also visited the pharmacy and got some Icy/Hot cream for my wrist, and went to the local grocery store for a few things, including some new Ibuprofen to replace my out-of-date bottle.

Sometimes when I'm doing these chores, I'll drive around the campground a little, to see if there's a better site available.  When we got back we did just that - and in the process found Bea and Peter at home.  They are fellow bloggers who I found through Denise's blog.  They had left a message for Denise, saying they were at Hot Springs, so I knew they were here but I didn't know who they were.  Bea sent me a message and we finally met on Tuesday.  They are a beautiful couple from Canada with a big, beautiful dog who was very friendly.

Peter told me about a campsite near them, right around some bushes, that is very private.  Katie and I walked over to see it, and unfortunately it would have put us in the wrong direction for optimal solar collection, but we walked a little further to check out the area.  A man named Fred came up to me and asked if I was looking for a campsite - he was leaving the next morning.  So I went over to his site, which is huge, private, surrounded by bushes and trees, and actually has two driveways leading into it.

This photo is taken from the main road, you can see the left driveway, the other comes in behind The Palms.

I told him I'd like the site after he leaves, and he said to pull in my motor home that day and I'd be there and settled when he left.  And that's what I did.

Fred invited me to a campfire that the people across from my old site, right down the road a bit, were having, so we walked over and enjoyed the company of three couples who are camped near each other.  The people who were having the campfire have a HUGE dog, and he was so distressed by having Katie nearby but he couldn't get to her because he was tied up outside the campfire area.  I finally took pity on him and Katie and I left.

When I woke up at 7:15 the next morning, Fred was gone.  He had a truck pulling his 5er, and a car behind that.  He's a solo traveler, too, but in addition to the truck and car, he also had a motorcycle that he stows inside his RV when traveling.  Quite a lot of machinery there!  I couldn't believe he got everything hooked up and drove away without making enough noise to wake me up.

This is part of the site, with lots of room in front and back of The Palms.  It would be a perfect site for two or three RVs if they were friends.  Fred needed the space for the vehicles he had, but I don't think I'd take this site with just my little motor home at the beginning of the season.  People are starting leave now and there are more spaces available, so I don't feel bad taking this large site.

So, here were are in a beautiful huge site, where I've seen lots of little birds, so far. 

White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow

House Finch

Note:  Hazel of  Class A Greyhounds, RVing with the Big Dogs is a Birder and left  a message with the names of these birds.  Thanks, Hazel! 

Fred said the Roadrunner has come through this site, so I'm watching out for him.

This morning I was putting out some seed under the bushes these birds are resting on, and heard a loud humming.  Right there in front of me was a beautiful humming bird, so he found my feeders and now I hope to see more hummers.   No bunnies yet in this site, but I know they are around.

It's very quiet here, and I'm really enjoying my stay.   

WELCOME to our newest follower, Hobbea!  Hobbea is Bea of Bea and Peter mentioned above, who I met here at Hot Springs.  Husband Peter has an RV blog, and Bea posts a Dinner for Two blog about quick, easy meals she prepares on the road.  Bea, I enjoyed meeting you and Peter, and your meals look very good and easy to prepare.  I'm going to follow your blog, too, and see what's cooking!  Welcome aboard and thanks for following along with us!! 

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. It so great when a plan comes together. Glad your wrist is getting better and enjoy the new site.

  2. Was glad to see a post from you. Have been wondering how you are doing. Good to hear you are still on the mend. I hope the Icy Hot helps relieve more pain that you have left.
    Nice site. We could park there too :)
    I wish!

  3. I am so thrilled that you finally got to meet Peter and Bea. Such a wonderful couple they are. Did you know that they did ALL my laundry (and it was a LOT) for me when I was so sick back in January.

    Love your new campsite.

  4. Glad you got all the things taken care of and your wrist is no worse for the wear.

    Your new site looks great and am so glad you have hummers. I finally got a shot of a hummer in flight this week! Hope the road runner takes a liking to the new spot too!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Peter and Bea are such nice people. I'm glad you found them and also found a great site. It sure looks big!!

  6. We too are glad you got to meet Beatrix and Peter. Molly, the dog is so smart.

  7. Hazel of Class A Greyhounds...RVing with the big Dogs!Friday, March 1, 2013 at 5:23:00 PM MST

    The black and white birds are white-crowned sparrows, and the reddish birds are house finches. Both have lovely songs.

  8. Glad to hear your doing better. I have been reading and occasionally commenting for a while now. I did want to suggest that you use cold therapy. You mentioned that the Ibuprofen was was helping you and it is anti inflammatory. So is ice. It might not feel as good during the initial stage of therapy. But you will heal quicker. Heat will swell and inflame. You will find what works for you but as a rule we use anti inflammatory's and cold therapy and the onset. Give it a shot. Hope it helps. 15 mins of cold and 4-6 hours rest before the next cold therapy. Again given its a chronic condition whatever makes you feel better is best.

  9. So glad to hear ur feeling better and able to accomplish what u needed to do. Beautiful spot, enjoy.

  10. I understand how you feel with your wrist. I'm doing the same thing with my shoulder. It is getting worse not better. I will have to hane surgery. I've been trying to put it off, but will probably have to do it sooner than later. I guess that HE just laughs when we make plans. I can only take Tylenol for pain, which is almost constant, although sometimes worse, but always there.

  11. Glad your hands and wrists are feeling better! And that you have a nice spot off the road. I'll go check out the new followers' blogs, as I am curious about cooking while on the road. I'm learning so much!


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