Friday, October 11, 2013

Final photos

I have a few final photos from Bluewater Lake State Park in New Mexico that I wanted to post - here they are, and then we're done with New Mexico until the Spring of 2014.  That sounds so far away, doesn't it?

The first one is a double rainbow that was the prettiest I've seen.  Really bright, you could see the whole range of colors.  I had to use a program to bring out the colors because the untouched photo didn't POP the colors like Nature did:

Here's Katie walking in a field of flowers.  She really liked walking in the fields.

These horses were running along the lake, just having fun.  They would run, stop and stand there a while, then turn around and run again.  There aren't many things more beautiful or fun to watch than horses running.  The white horse is so cute.

This fuzzy white butterfly was different than most of the others, which were yellow.  When I left the park there were lots of butterflies flitting from place to place.  Look at his body underneath - very fuzzy. (Click on the photo to enlarge it, then click on it again to make it really BIG.)

This is one of the yellow butterflies.  Maybe a moth?  He's small, and was very fast.  I have this picture as one of my desktop slide show photos and the colors are so pretty.  (Click on this one, too.)

And finally, I took this photo thinking there was something wrong with this bird.  Turns out he is a Yellow Rumped Warbler.  Yup, that's a yellow patch on his rump, very aptly named.

Traveling from Northwestern New Mexico to Quartzsite Arizona was not only a long drive, but it also brought us into warmer weather, drier air, and a much lower altitude.  Katie and I are walking a lot more.  When I take her out to go potty, we end up walking down the road and just keep going.  Not super long walks because I tend to get bored just walking, but I'd bet we've tripled our steps.

I'm thinking I'm going to start wearing my MP3 player, which is full of audio books.  I want to get more exercise and since I find it easier to walk more in this lower altitude, getting involved in an audio book should help me walk further.

WELCOME to three new followers:

Trainman, who is traveling full time after retiring.  As he says in his profile, "I do this minus an RV. I have a Haulmark 6 X 12 Cargo Trailer and a Kodiak 9 X 12 Cabin Tent."  I went through most of his blog posts, and found it very interesting.  Thanks for following along with us, Trainman, Welcome Aboard!  :)

Tony in Vegas, who doesn't have a blog or an RV yet, but he's thinking about RVing when he retires and is doing all the pre-planning now. He joined as a Follower and is also following other blogs to get as much information as he can.  That's what I did when I first decided I wanted to have an RV and maybe be a full-timer.  I hope it works out for you, Tony in Vegas, and that you love full-timing as much as I do. Katie and I are glad to have you along with us.

Welcome also to pandachickenmama, who doesn't show any information.  That's quite a name - wonder where it came from....    If you have a blog, pandachickenmama, let me know so I can check it out!  Welcome to you!

From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. All your photos are beautiful. Enjoy Quartzite.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos of NM! Love them all. Enjoy AZ!

  3. That's sure a nice collection of photos. Very enjoyable to look at.

  4. Great photos, and such lovely subjects in the photos. So glad you made to Quartzsite in good shape.

  5. My dog Buddy is so jealous of Katie. He wants to smell new frontiers too!! Photos are beautiful and I think the book on tape is a good idea for strolling. I divide what I listen to by the type of chore. Non-fiction for driving and walking and good fiction for evenings and relaxing outside.

  6. Lovely pictures, the "white" horse is actually a stunning buttermilk buckskin color...a favorite of mine,

  7. I can see why you wanted to post them. They are gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful. I love the photo of Katie in the field of flowers!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I use an mp3 player loaded with audiobooks to keep me entertained on long dog walks - it works! Hiking and looking at the scenery is one thing; walking at a dogs pace as they stop and sniff every little bush with endless enthusiasm is just boring after awhile!
    Your little dog looks like she's having a great time!

  10. Barbara, beautiful photos of an area you must have enjoyed. Nice memories I hope. Enjoy being/living in AZ! Walk On!

  11. The pictures of the horses running is my favourite.

    Any change in the status at Q ?

  12. Love the double rainbow and the horses and yes, Katie always takes the spotlight, she is so cute!

    Walking is good, especially when I have my camera! Enjoy the views!

  13. I'm thinking your fuzzy "butterfly" is probably a large moth.

  14. Thanks for the mention and the welcome to your blog, Barbara. I love all of the awesome photos that you took. I'll continue to follow and enjoy your new posts. Have a great Sunday!


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