Friday, October 25, 2013

It's a continuous movie...

...outside my window here at Quartzsite.  And the action changes all the time.  Today I'm only posting photos of the Harris Ground Squirrels here in our site.  These were taken on different days at different times.  So far there are two or three little guys.

Finding the water bowl.

Drinking - the squirrels come back time after time during the day.  They are thirsty little critters.

Larger squirrel waiting for the little guy to finish.


I kept hearing the weirdest screeching bird-like noise and couldn't figure out where the bird was.  I finally realized it was this squirrel.  He was standing there with his little fists out in front of him.

Getting ready - and...

Then he would lean forward a little and stick out his neck and make that screeching sound.  He did this over and over and over.  I wonder what it means?  I didn't see anything going on in the campsite that was out of the ordinary.  I guess he had his reasons.


He likes to hang out under my chair in the shade.

Finding seeds.

Two little squirrels snacking on the seeds.

What's that noise over there?

Sharing with a Gambel's Quail.

And NOT sharing with a Mourning Dove

I'm warning you!

And STAY AWAY until I'm done!

Little drink of water - can you see the tip of his little pink tongue?

And a little snack in the shade.  Yup, I've got it made in the shade for sure!

And those are our Squirrel Tales for today.  Or Tails?

From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. We have squirrels our deck here in Colorado but they are not nearly as cute as yours.

  2. I've visited your blog a couple of times, but now I want to see more and more of your wonderful pictures. I am a solo traveler with my dog, Lacy, and my two rescue kitties. I'm currently in Holbrook, AZ; I picked up I-40 in Flagstaff and am ambling my way to the southeast for a few months.
    What kind of camera and magnifiers are you using?

  3. What wonderful pictures! They look a little different than the squirrels here as ours are about6x the size and come with gigantic furry tails. I bet he was calling out to his friends letting them know that you have food and water available at the buffet. Cheers!

  4. What cute little critters. It is definitely the little things that make a great day. How does Katie deal with your cute little guests?

  5. Isn't nature so much fun to observe! Great post, great photos!!

  6. You are an amazing person, Barbara. You always find the best things to entertain you. I love the little critters.

  7. Well it looks like I'll have to make sure I get some seed and put out a water bowl when I get there.

  8. I love these little chipmunks--my husband grew up in Douglas, AZ & remembers them from his childhood. Barbara, you take such fantastic photos & your commentaries are perfect--thank you!

  9. Very enjoyable blog today. Great pictures. I bet they were lots of fun to watch.

  10. Such drama all around. Thanks for capturing it.

  11. Your pictures are just incredible. I especially love the one under the awning. But they are all so good.

  12. Love your picture story about the squirrels! What cute little creatures they are! You really zoomed in and got some very clear shots...yes, I did see the pink tip of his tongue.

    So glad you and Katie are enjoying your time!

  13. The chattering may be his was of declaring his and his families territory.

    As usual, your photos are beautiful.

  14. What cute little squirrels. They look like what we call chipmonks here. You sure have a lot of critters at your feeders.

  15. If that little pink tongue had been stuck out just a wee bit further, we could have said that he/she was "sticking her tongue out" at the dove!

  16. The little guys are cute. We all them chipmunks here in Canada, as our squirrels are quite a bit bigger.

    They can get used to humans pretty easy and can even be hand fed!

    Awesome pics! Have a great weekend.

  17. Hate to be a wet blanket, Barbara, but if you're worried about rodents damaging your rig, then putting out food that attracts rodents is not a good idea.

    You may be thinking in terms of mice, but those seeds and grains are just as attractive to pack rats, which can do even worse damage than mice... and of course squirrels, which are (to be blunt) just rats with fluffy tails, and have been known to do serious engine-compartment damage.

    Cute they may be, but these aren't the kinds of animals you want to entice to your neighborhood.

  18. You are right, it is an ongoing movie. What fun. Great photos.


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