Monday, April 3, 2017

Lake Havasu - Part 1 - Our Camp

Okay, we're back, finally!  I have lots to post about and tons of photos.  When Katie and I left Quartzsite, we headed to Lake Havasu to meet up with a friend and camp for the weekend while the Annual Bluegrass Festival was going on. They call it Bluegrass on the Beach.  😎

We ended up getting there on a Thursday and staying for two weeks.  I've never been to Lake Havasu before and really liked the area.  It's right on a beautiful lake, and I got to see the London Bridge and listen to great music.  There's good shopping in Lake Havasu City, and I was able to have The Palms re-weighed again by the same company who weighed her five years ago.  (We're still underweight by quite a bit, and well distributed.  So that was nice to know!)

I have a lot of photos from Lake Havasu, so I'll split them up in two or three posts and go light on the text.

This was our first campsite.  I snagged one with enough room for two rigs, and when my friend left on Sunday, I moved closer to where most of the RVs were set up.  This was perfect, though, flowers all around, craggy hills in every direction, and even a good tree!  We also had two good stone fire pits already set up for our campfires.  Level and lots of room.  Perfect!

It was cold in the mornings, so Katie had her pink bomber jacket on:

Wild flowers in the kitchen:

You can see why they called this Craggy Wash - but a better name would have been Craggy Hills.

When the sun was setting that first day, everything lit up around us.  It was beautiful.

Then the sun was setting and we had a beautiful sunset:

Full moon rising over our campsite:

It was so beautiful and peaceful at our site.

That's about it for our camp - I'll post more in a day or so with photos of the Bluegrass festival musicians that we saw and The London Bridge pictures.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!😎💓😎


  1. That is the campsite our friends and us spent a couple of weeks several winters. We really enjoyed it.

  2. Been missing your post and wondering what you two were up to. Now I see....what a beautiful site you have!! Love those hills and the gorgeous colors they produce!!
    Glad you're having a great time!!

  3. Such beautiful pics!

    John Ford couldn't have done better. The pic just above the 'sunset' photo looks like it came right out of an MGM western movie!

    Last time I was at Lake Havasu it was summer and ultra-hot. My most exiting memory was cooling off at their Walmart before heading back to Boulder City.

    The flowers by your sink remind me of the flowers in Sedona, up by the 'Chapel of the Holy Cross'.
    (great video)

    There is a little sign by them that reads,
    "Don't pick us, we're smiling at God".
    They are doing the best they can in your rig and fill the camper with their beauty.

    Katie looks very content and mellow in her chair in the desert. Does she go for New Age music? Perhaps some crystals around her neck in the morning to enhance the vortex !!

    Very nice blog!
    -Chicago Robert

  4. Nice to see you back and glad you are enjoy Lake Havasu, we were there in fall, spent time with our friend there on there property. Nee area to explore and enjoyed the area.

  5. Loving the light in your photos. What a beautiful place.

  6. I've been wondering where you toddled off to. Looks really pretty there.

  7. Glad to hear from you and Katie. Having fun, I see!

  8. We camped a little further north at the next blm land. I loved the hikes around those mountains and Lake Havasu was beautiful.

  9. Great pics of camping at Lake Havasu! I have been there to visit but never to stay in the BLM nearby. I will definitely put it on my list after seeing all the pretty pictures!

  10. Beautiful campsite and I love the sunset. Katie looks very happy in her pretty pink jacket.

  11. Beautiful!! I can hardly wait to get out there!!! Hi Katie!!

  12. What a beautiful camp site. Gorgeous pictures.


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