Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lake Havasu - Part 3 - London Bridge & gettting The Palms weighed

For our final day on Sunday, my friend brought a couple of kayaks with him so we could put them in the canal.  I was really looking forward to that - I've never gone kayaking before - but the weather turned bad, really windy and cold, so that was off the table.

We went out for a nice breakfast in town then went down to the canal so I could get a couple photos of the water birds, and take some pictures of the London Bridge.

There's a nice little park where you can walk around, sit on the grass, tables, etc.  I liked this flag display:

Also this lighthouse - I'm assuming it's for show only...

These were taken driving across London Bridge - proof that I've been there, done that!

Then we drove off the bridge and parked in a lot so we could walk down and get some good shots of the bridge itself.  It was really pretty from this angle.

When we got back to camp, he packed up and headed back home, and I packed up and moved closer in to have fellow RVers nearby.

And as I said in the first Lake Havasu post, I liked the area so much, Katie and I stayed for the 14 days we were allowed.

While we were checking out Lake Havasu City, we went to the Sunday Swap Meet in town, and one of the vendors was the company that weighed The Palms shortly after I was on the road.  I've been wanting to have her re-weighed - for a full-timer it's recommended to weigh them every five years to make sure we're not carrying too many pounds for the motor home's specs.  I was happy to see the owner of Weigh To Go, LLC there, and it turns out he and his wife live in Lake Havasu City, so that was perfect!  I got their card and called later in the week to schedule an appointment.

We met in town and The Palms was weighed - all four wheels were weighed at the same time - and the results were pretty much what we were five years ago.  Slightly heavier, but still well underweight which was a relief.  So we're good to go for another five years.  These are the printouts I received that show what the specs are, and what the actual weight is:

And a final gorgeous sunset from Lake Havasu, AZ:

I'll bet Katie and I will be camping in that same BLM campground again in the coming years.

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone! 😊


  1. That is a lovely area and all around the island there is a lot of different lighthouses. It is good to get your individual wheel weights done , we will be looking to get ours done again in the future sometime.

  2. Nice pictures of London Bridge, love that area.

  3. How cool that you got to see and drive the London Bridge!! A must do for us!!
    Sorry you didn't get to do the kayaking....maybe next time!!

  4. That's a fun area to explore, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. My RV's gross vehicle weight is just 600 pounds over the Texas limit for a regular driver's license, so I had to get a class B license. My RV's GVW is 26600 pounds.

  6. I'd be afraid to weight it. Havasu is nice and yet I've never visited the bridge.

  7. Lake Havasu is a pretty area. What a beautiful sunset picture.

  8. Good to see the bridge. The UK sold it because it was so heavily used and was sinking by up to an inch a year. I think the USA go a good deal !!


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