Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's in YOUR tool box?

As far as tool boxes go, I have an embarrassment of riches.  Remember my Just In Case blog?  Well...

My Tool Box

I believe I have pretty much any non-electrical  tool and/or repair item I'd need for pretty much anything that might come up.  Just In Case.  It's not like I have a lot of repairs to do, but you just never know.

Top Tier

The top tier has mostly fasteners and TV stuff.  Little things that need to be in their own section to keep them together.

Second Tier

This has larger, longer tools that are flat enough to fit.  

Bottom Tier

This tier has the rest.  I do have an electric drill, which can be plugged in for a while, and then used with just the charge, but it's the only tool that plugs in.

Here are the tools in the side pockets:
Middle and Two Side Pocket Areas - 13 Pockets in All

My tool box weighs 33.5 pounds, but sure feels heavier!  Jealous, guys?  ; )    Well, don't be.  When I start loading my motor home, which will probably be a small class C, you can imagine how much weight I'll be able to load in it.  This tool box may come along, but probably not most of the contents.  I can hardly lift it, and I probably won't need most of the things in it.  I might need to have an RV owner-person go through it with me to see what to bring and what to leave out.

I have to say, though, when someone is over and offers to help fix something, I love the look of incredulity when he sees my tool box.  And I can always find my tools.  My dad would be proud. : )

That does it for today.  From Me and My Dog, have a nice Thursday, everyone!  : )


  1. There will be plenty of room for that box in a class C, The other essential is a hydraulic bottle jacks at least of 4 ton capacity, they don't take up much room but will be a must have if you ever have a flat or a leveling problem.I keep two of them in my pickup and have never used the jack supplied with the truck. Looks like you are ready for anything, you can always throw a test light and a digital volt/ohm meter in there too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. *Completely Awesome* toolbox!

    (I just got my first toolbox last year.)

  3. Wow, am I impressed! That is one heck of a toolbox.

  4. Cool tool box Barbara. I think I would have to make room for it somewhere. You just never know when you may need everything in there. Stay safe

  5. I think you have thought of almost everything to stock up your toolbox. Nice job.


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