Friday, October 1, 2010

I did it - earned the September badge!

I did it!  Blogged every day in September.  I earned the September badge.


Now I'm going to try for October.  I don't love the October badge as much as September, but it's cute, and I'm going for it. : )  This is the preliminary badge, and if I make it, I'll put the I Did It badge below in the right margin.


I'll work pretty hard for a cheap prize.  Works every time with me.  I think that's how I met my goal in Weight Watchers.  They have rewards that you get for every five pounds lost, you get a star sticker and other stickers for various things, etc.  I got a some key chain attachment rewards, but didn't need to lose enough to earn the actual key chain, so all my prizes are sitting in my desk, sans key chain.  But that's okay, I still earned them.  And lost the pounds.

It's Friday, and today is my day for donating blood at my local blood bank.  I try to go every 60 days, but was thrown off schedule when I went to my daughter's house.  Then they called and said they had a need for my blood type, so I'm going in today.

We had the greatest weather yesterday!  LOUD, rolling thunder, went on and on, fabulous!  Lots of lightening, lots of rain.  Dark skies.  It was great.  We kept the front door open all day at work so we could hear the storm.  I think it's supposed to keep up for a few days.

From SignOn San Diego: "Three days after coastal temperatures broadly soared above 100 degrees for the first time since the early 1960s, a second, unrelated system moved into San Diego County early today, producing at least 1,100 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes."

Here's a cool photo I got from that website of a lightening strike :

September 30, 2010 | Michelle Murrett

"The Blue Angels rehearse off Governor Drive for the start of the annual Miramar Air Show, which begins Friday."  Our old office (that we moved from in September) was near Miramar, and during the practice days preceding the Miramar Air Show, the jets were so loud, we couldn't hear on the phone.  Our new office is far enough away that we only heard a few that went right overhead today. 

I've always complained about the weather in San Diego (I'm probably the only person in San Diego County complaining about the weather), but this year I've changed my tune.  It hasn't been the usual "warm and sunny, clear skies, light breezes" predictable weather EVERY DAY; the San Diego weather people have actually had to work this year.

From me and my Katie, have a happy Friday, everyone! : )


  1. congrats on making the month of September a 30 day blogworthy month!!..I can only wish that one day I will have something to blog about every day of the month!..good for you!!!

  2. Congratulations on your award! I think it's a nice badge. :)

  3. Congrats on the badge. Even more congrats for your WW accomplishment. I know from experience how difficult that can be, but so rewarding.

  4. Congrats!! As far as I am concerned, it was very well deserved. I find your blog interesting every day and strive for the same. Way to go!!! Stay safe.

  5. I can barely blog once a week, so another huge congratulations from me!



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