Sunday, June 3, 2012

The elevation and the Tiger Muskie

WELCOME to our newest follower, Ron!  Ron doesn't show any information or have a profile, but he sent me an e-mail of introduction. He's in Mexico during the winter months and southeast Alaska during the summer.  If I have this right, he lives either in a Winnebago on the land or in a Cris Craft on the water in Alaska, and travels in a Provan Tiger 4x4 “El Tigre” in the US and Mexico.  He has a Mexican street dog adoptee, “Max,” who is dreaming now of becoming an Alaskan Sled Dog.  :)   Sounds like you travel and live in some great places, Ron, isn't it a wonderful life?  Welcome aboard!

Katie and I are still enjoying our time here at Bluewater Lake State Park.  New Mexico has a lot of State Parks, and I'll be interested in seeing if they are all as nice as this one.  When we stopped at the Ranger Station on our way in, both the Ranger and the Camp Hosts said this is the best park in the system, but they might be a little prejudiced.  

We've been taking a few walks each day, usually around our "loop," which is mostly flat, but also has a stretch that is a little bit of a hill.  I've been a little out of breath when I get to the top of the hill.  Then yesterday we walked down to the lake.

 I was surprised how close Katie got to the water.

When we walked back up the hill, I had to stop for minute, and even Katie seemed to appreciate the little rest.

Thanks for stopping, Mom.
We got to the top of the hill and continued on. I was thinking, Wow, maybe that pharmacist was right, maybe I DID need a boost to my thyroid!

So, later I was talking to my neighbors and mentioned that I was surprised how these little walks are getting me out of breath.  Katie, too.  She said, "Remember, we're at 7,400 foot elevation."  OH!  Okay, in that case, I'm surprised I'm not MORE winded.  I didn't even think about the elevation.  What a relief.

Friday was so pretty with the clouds over the lake:

And the sunset was gorgeous:

The clouds after the sun went down:

Yesterday was kind of windy, and we had the wonderful sound of the wind in the trees, the clouds blowing in and out.  It is supposed to be in the mid-80s today, light breezes - this is really the perfect weather. There must be good drafts over the lake this morning, there were a dozen big black birds soaring with the breezes, and three more coming from the other side of the lake to join them.  I love watching them.  I didn't have my camera with me when all the birds were soaring overhead, but I did get two yesterday.

This weekend is a free fishing weekend here at the lake, you don't need a fishing license.  I heard from a man down the road that he had caught tons of fish, some really big.  The man below walked past our campsite on the way to his car with his catch and I asked if I could get a shot of his fish:

Tiger Muskie

I asked him if I could hold it. He had a string going through the fish's mouth that was tied on a stick, so he  handed the stick to me.  Wow, it was heavy!  A little boy wanted to hold it after me, but he wasn't tall enough, so I lifted him up, and the man handed the boy the stick.  The boy's weight was about doubled and almost too heavy for me. Quite a thrill to see a fish this big, I've never caught one near that size.

The sunset last night (Saturday) was so pretty, I guess they all are.  Each evening, I run out with my camera and take a bunch of shots from different places, and every shot is beautiful. Maybe there just isn't a bad sunset.

That's it for today - time to loaf some more.  Take a walk (Katie is bugging me).  And then fix lunch.  Play my favorite computer game.  Maybe read more of my book.  Life is good!

From Me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. I think the birds are turkey vultures. they are kinda neat when they are soaring so high in groups.

  2. I can relate to altitude sickness. I a bad case in NM, then I must have acclimated. As I traveled, around, however, I'd feel fairly ill thinking maybe I had a virus before it would dawn on me that it was the altitude. An Indian Lady told me to try Life Savers. That didn't work, but I found out, recently, that Rolaids (and only Rolaids) will help. Thought you might like to know. I actually took my dog, Jack, to a vet and asked her to give him subcutaneous fluid because I figured if I was suffering, maybe he was, too. The vet laughed and said it was a first for her, but it wasn't a bad idea, and very little research, to her knowledge, had been done to determine if dogs are affected. I did it several times on my trip. For a little one like Katie, you might want to use a medicine syringe to get water into her system which seems to help. I had some syringes along with me and a little Cavalier King Charles was feeling puny and we got some water into him and he was fine. Just a thought.

    I don't think I'd give her Rolaids, though.

  3. We just never stop to think how that elevation can really affect us. Jim is really noticing it now. But it's also amazing how our bodies can adapt to these changes if we stay someplace long enough. That's a huge fish.

  4. Great sunset photos. Katie cute as ever! She'd look great in a little pair of water-wings paddling around but she probably wouldn't like that too much.

    Yes, they look like turkey vultures. One clue is that 99% of the time there is more than one (a "kettle" of vultures) although we did see a lone one the other day. They look majestic soaring but they sure don't look handsome up close!

  5. I wonder how long it took that man to land that fish? It's HUGE! I, too, suffer from altitude sickness... feel like I have the flu. But if I can wait it out, I know I'll get used to it within a week. Also.. if you bake anything, remember to adjust your oven temp... cakes etc will rise too much and your oven will be a mess.

  6. Sounds like u have found a perfect place!! Love the clouds/sunset pictures. That was a HUGE fish!!! Be dinner for days and days!!

  7. The pictures are gorgeous! I especially like the one of the clouds after the sun went down. It looks like the sky is on fire.

    I was wondering the same thing as TheOddEssay - that must have taken some great effort to land that fish.

    The pharmacist may have been right, but I'd tell those buzzards circling overhead to beat it! LOL.

  8. Yep, those are vultures, indeed. Sounds like a great place!

  9. you captured a gorgeous sunset tonight!!!..beautiful!!

  10. The last sunset pic is my favourite. It's 4C/39F where I am right now so I'd definitely rather be where you are !!

  11. New Mexico State Parks are such a great deal! We have been to many of them. we bought the annual pass our first year out and stayed 6 months throughout New Mexico. We didnt stay long at Bluewater, but we did enjoy hiking the beautiful canyon trail.

  12. love love the are living a dream life :)

  13. Russ and I saw a turkey vulture in the road today enjoying his lunch of fresh roadkill. They do indeed look better in the air than up close and personal. I parked off the road and tried to get his picture but I spooked him. You're getting some beautiful sunset pictures.

  14. Now that's a fish! That could feed a lot of people. Did you ask what time dinner was?

  15. Beautiful sunset photos.

    The elevation certainly does make a difference when hiking. We've noticed it as well.

    Big fish!

  16. The sunset pictures are sensational!

  17. That is the BIGGEST fish I have even, though I must admit that my fish viewing experience IS very limited, lol.


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