Friday, June 1, 2012

The squirrel in the bird feeder

WELCOME to our two new followers:

Jim - who is a part-time traveler with summer and winter home bases in South Dakota, New Mexico and Colorado. Talk about having the best of all worlds!   Jim, I need to catch up on some of your past posts, but I'm assuming the part-time travel is during the winter months?  Thanks for following along with me and Katie on our adventures!

John Rogers - who is enjoying life in a VW bus.  It looks like John is staying in Truth or Consequences, NM for now.  I have heard and read a lot about that area, and will certainly stop  in TorC one of these days to see what it's about.  Thanks, John, for following our full-time travels!

I love waking up in a new place.  Back in the day when I had a house, I moved every few years, and loved the first few weeks in the new house the best.  Now I get to have that experience pretty often.

I've hung both  my seed feeders, but not the hummer feeders, and I just saw a hummingbird come up to the seed feeder to examine it.  I guess the hummingbird feeders are coming out.

Here's a squirrel from yesterday - trying to get the seed from the bird feeder:

When he climbed down the tree, he had his pouches full of seed.

A little different entry strategy:

He was fun to watch, but after he left the second time, I switched the feeders so this one is higher, and away from the tree a bit more.  We'll see how that works.  I don't mind him eating the seed, no birds have found the feeders yet, but he's going to work for it.

It's beautiful here at Bluewater Lake State Park today.  The lake is calm, there are a few boats below in the water, but they must be far enough away to keep the noise from us, because I've hardly heard a boat yet.  There are fluffy while clouds moving in, and today so far we've seen a lizard and lots of birds.

I finally got a good shot of a large bird overhead:

 Lots of these guys soaring with the breezes over the lake.

It's breezy now, I love the sound of the breeze going through the trees.  That's a sound I haven't heard in a while.  I can hear the wind, but The Palms isn't rocking.  On the desert or blacktopping it, I usually didn't hear wind, I was aware of it when The Palms started rocking, and Katie got those big eyes.

We did fine last night with our solar, parked under the tree.  I was thinking, though, if I want to get more input from the sun, all I have to do is drive forward a few yards and the whole rig will be in the sun the second half of the day.  But so far, so good.

We had a family set up camp late yesterday afternoon in the reserved site above and in front of us. I can see the site from the front window.  They set things up, later I went to bed, and when I woke up the tent, car and people were gone.  That was hardly worth setting up the tent!

Today I see there is another couple in that campsite, just now setting up.  I don't see a rig, so they must be tent campers.  They are so quiet, I didn't even hear them driving into the site.

There was a beautiful sunset last night, the only thing that would make it prettier would be some clouds.  We have clouds in the sky today, so I'm hoping tonight's sunset will be spectacular.

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. What a beautiful view you have and how nice to have neighbors who come and go with so little noise. The squirrel pictures are hilarious.

  2. We spent a month at Elephant Butte and loved the TorC area. Had such a great time. Great pictures of the squirrel and his acrobatics.

  3. Oh- What a gorgeous view you certainly gives me wanderlust. We have moved many, many times over the years, too, and you are right- those first few weeks are always the most exciting. Blessings to you on your camping! xo Diana

  4. Have a nice weekend in your nice location.

  5. OMG Those squirrel pics as soooo cute.

  6. The squirrel's will always find a way to get to the seeds.
    On the sunset, I don't thing clouds would have made it anymore beautiful. Those pictures are the greatest.

  7. For lots of information on the New Mexico State Parks, go to .

    Click on the name of a park to get more information about that particular park, and click on the symbols at the top for other information about the parks in general. The first one is a useful map showing where each campground is on the New Mexico state map.

  8. Ya gotta love squirrels ingenuity. We have a couple behind us far they haven't figured out the bird feeders. We love watching them jump from tree to tree.

  9. The sunset pics are just beautiful. Thank you for posting them.

  10. I need to catch up with your blog ... what fun.

    I don't know why New Mexico didn't 'grab' me. I liked Arizona's desert better. Maybe it's the red rock and green trees ... along with the sand and other rocks ... lots of sand and rocks in NM ...

    Pretty views where you are! love the squirrels!

    I was talking with some people at a coffee shop this morning about traveling and such and what 'grabs' us.

    For sure nature is gorgeous period. Love it all. But I'm finding Montana is .. hmm .. well? I'm in no hurry to leave. I like that ...

    Heading to Est Glacier in the morning ... The sun is supposed to be shining! hah!

  11. Gotta admire the tenacity and ingenuity of the squirrels. I love watching how they manage to outwit the feeders. Sounds like you are enjoying your new home.

  12. You have fantastic pictures! I am green with envy. Keep up the great work and keep on enjoying life.


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