Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Palms is ready to go, too.

WELCOME to new our Follower, Cari Cook!  I received an e-mail of introduction from Cari, and she said she just joined Me and My Dog as a Follower.  I couldn't find her in my list of Followers (she's there now with a photo but wasn't before),  so I checked back to the first page where the followers with no photo or info are shown, and there she was.  I saw others that I didn't recognize, so I did some research and searching in my posts to see if they had been welcomed, and they had not.

Here's who I found:  mickyjane, Frank and Chris, Diana, MIMI92R, and Laura.  I'm sorry I didn't welcome you all when you started following Me and My Dog, but I'm really happy to have you, and Cari, following along on our adventures.  Welcome Aboard! :)

Today I finally got out my RV cleaner and got to the bugs that were sticking on The Palms.  I got this stuff at Walmart and hadn't used it yet, but it's supposed to get off black streaks and bugs.  I had picked up a good number of bugs traveling across Arizona three weeks ago, and decided I'd leave here with a clean rig.

I got everything I could reach, which was most of the bugs, except the area over the windshield - the overhead bunk area.  I don't have a ladder so I couldn't reach that high.  I guess I should get one.

Last night I made two Birthday cards, one for my son, Tom, and one for my son-in-law, Matt.  Then I completed and printed out an on-line California Voter Registration form with my new mailing address, signed and dated it, and it was ready to mail.  I want to make sure I get my Vote by Mail form sent to my Mail Service.  I was going to walk down to the Ranger Office this afternoon when they opened at 1:00, but two volunteers drove up to ask me about a package they received (it wasn't mine), and they took my mail for me. That was nice.

This is so weird, but this morning I figured out we've been living an hour behind.  I guess if you don't have to go anywhere and you have no TV reception, it doesn't matter what time it is. 

I had everything on Arizona time, and here in New Mexico it's Mountain Daylight Savings Time.  I had to go around and re-set all my clocks an hour ahead, except my phone.
I don't know why I didn't notice that the phone was different than the rest of the clocks, I guess I don't use that one.  Three weeks.  An hour behind.  Isn't that weird?
We're ready to leave.  The last two or three days are always hard when we've been somewhere for a few weeks.  Katie keeps sitting on the dinette seat back, looking out the window and then back at me. She did that today while whining.  Drove me crazy, I finally gave her a chew toy and she stopped.  I think she was ready to go before I was.

We're leaving Thursday morning, and I'm going to stop for gas, propane, a little grocery stuff, and laundry on the way.  I'm about out of shorts, shirts and wear-unders, and need fresh towels and sheets.   We'll be traveling only three hours to our next New Mexico State Park, so if we leave early, we'll still get there mid-afternoon.

I usually get all that stuff done a day or so before we hit the road, but they are on our way, and there's a windy 5-mile road up the hill out of here to the Interstate, so we might as well take care of things on the way.

No good photos today. I think I've about taken pictures of everything I can.  I took photos of birds and squirrels today, but we've already done that on the blog.  I did get a neat looking spider on the wall of the vault toilet building yesterday.  He was a kind of big spider, and had the longest legs.  Just sat there posing for me.

We had another beautiful sunset tonight.  There hasn't been one in three weeks that wasn't beautiful.  It's so nice to have a clear view, no poles, wires, other RVs or buildings in the way.  

From Me and Katie, have a great Tuesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. It is great to be able to go 3 wks and not be "on time". Some RVers get rid of their watches when they start full timing.

  2. you sound nice and relaxed!!..a life without time restraints...how nice!!

  3. I just gave up driving through the time zones ... Everything is still on central and I Judy add or subtract a whatever ...

    Right now my phone says 12:26 so it's 11:26 ! It doesn't get dark around here until 10 their time .., I don't even know if it's mountain ... It ain't central or eastern ... Can't be Pacific HA ... It must be mountain and who cares ...

    The Going to the Sun Road is open!!! yay

    1. Judy add??? Hahaaaa autocorrect changed just to Judy??

      That makes no sense ... going to do it again. just ... Nope it typed just ... how weird

  4. Your post made me laugh... we had that happen once... were wintering in Mexico... thought they'd changed to DST... nope... but we'd changed our clocks... Didn't make a bit of difference... Mexico time is Mexico time no matter what!

  5. Glad you're not having to worry about the time! Safe travels.

  6. Too funny about being an hour behind. Bon voyage tomorrow to you 2!

  7. I know all about hitch itch. By the way, our friend Lee (older gentleman with a travel trailer is wandering around NM state parks also. If you didn't get a chance to meet him in Q, you will just adore him if you run into him. I'll let you know what park he's at when I figure it out.

  8. Lee is at Ute Lake State Park for the next week and then will probably move to a park that's higher up and cooler.

  9. You sure have embrased this lifestyle fully when you don't know or care what time it is. Good for you!

  10. we also know all about hitch itch...nice that you can just pack up and go when you and katie want :)..safe travels tomorrow...

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  12. Thank you for the warm welcome, and the emails. I'm still catching up with your old posts - I'm reading about your 2011 Utah camp right now!

    I know what you mean about the time zone changes, it does get confusing, especially in Arizona.


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