Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting ansy to move on...

WELCOME to our newest follower, Deb C.  Deb, you don't show any info or blog, but we are happy to welcome you aboard, and glad you're following along with us on our travels! :)

In addition to Bluewater Lake, there is also a Bluewater Creek on the Eastern side of the park.  I'm sure there are trails down to the creek, but Katie and I admired it from above.

 Bluewater Creek

Well, everyone is gone, and we are again alone in this campground.  My initial worries about having a big family surrounding us - and lots of other campers, too - was unfounded.  They were a really nice group.  Lots of kids and dogs and four generations.  Grandma and Grandpa are 83 and 90 years old, their kids were there, as well as grandkids and greats, too.  The dogs were mostly off leash, the kids were riding their bikes up and down the street, there was constant going back and forth from one campsite to another, and with all that, they were wonderful neighbors.  No yelling, loud music, late nights, a very nice surprise.  In fact, it seems very quiet today and I kind of miss all the people.

I don't need to be a busy-body - Katie takes care of that job for me.  She usually doesn't sit up there unless we're traveling or she wants to be traveling.  If you click on the photo, the close-up will show you all the people in front of one of the rigs.  She sat there for a long time watching them.

We're still suffering from the high altitude, but it's getting better.  The last two days we took long walks around the park, checking out the different campgrounds.  It feels good to be able to walk more, but we're sure happy to get back to The Palms afterward.

Katie is a definite critter finder.  Yesterday she saw this large beetle and stopped and refused to walk any more.  I went back to see what she found (usually it's food) and she was watching this beetle.  We followed it across the street and into the dirt.

I got a couple of good shots of the large birds  in flight this morning.  I think you guys are right, this one is a Turkey Vulture. 

Turkey Vulture
I'm not sure if this is the same bird as the one above. It sure looks different from below.
 Note: Per Judy, both photos are Turkey Vultures.  They really have different coloring on the top and bottom. Thanks, Judy!

There are one or two other black birds the same size who soar above us all the time, and swoop down when they see something good.  This is one - he's not a Turkey vulture.  I tried to find him in my bird books, but although he might be a Raven or some kind of Crow, they don't show the light tip on his beak, so I don't know what he is. Per Judy, it IS a Raven! 

I've been watching this cactus - it finally bloomed yesterday.  It's the only one of it's kind I've found on our walks.  Most of the cactus here are the small kind with yellow flowers, like the one below.

More flowers around the park - I know these are kind of boring, but I want to remember them:

Having so many colorful flowers makes our walks more interesting, and also all the birds soaring in the wind, especially on really windy days.

And finally, these are photos taken when we had lots of clouds on Saturday.  The clouds really keep it cooler when the temps are up in the 80's.

 Late afternoon 

Sunset, Saturday evening.

From me and Katie, have a nice Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. Love your sunset and early evening photos. Two more weeks and we can hit the road!

  2. Love your sunset and early evening photos. Two more weeks and we can hit the road!

  3. Boy, all that kiddie activity kept Katie busy for a long time. At keast that's one thing you don't have to take care of. Nice pictures.

  4. Yep, those were both turkey vultures. The other bird looks like a raven to me. Maybe just this years youngster. Hence the not solid black beak yet. :)

  5. Nice sunset photos!

    We're really enjoying the weather in Flagstaff. So easy to be here.

  6. I love those flowers. Im fond of the wild ones. Katie had a view to a private movie. Best sit in the house!

  7. The red flowers are Indian Paintbrush, i always have a really had time getting a good pic of them, always moving in the wind... Like the bottom sunset picture, must have been a neat evening.

  8. I never find your pictures to be boring in the least, in fact, I always want to see more, lol. Wishing you and Katie the best. (())

  9. Nice to know they were a well behaved family and not rowdy. Your evening pictures are just so beautiful.

  10. Loved the flowers and sunset. All the pics were great. Guess Katie doesn't try to eat the bugs.

  11. you capture the best sunset photos I have seen!..nice really nice!

  12. Beautiful afternoon and sunset pictures! Love Katie sniffy the bug... HAHaaaaaa

  13. Love the afternoon Pictures of the sky.

  14. Are those Cholla Cactus, the ones with the pink flowers?

  15. Lovely pictures, lovely post. Thanks for sharing, as always. Maybe that group of nice folk will move to my neighborhood. A girl can wish!

    Question - when I clicked on the pic of Katie & The Palms, I noticed your curtains. That's not the same setup you blogged about awhile back, is it? Did you do something new?


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