Thursday, June 7, 2012

We have Wild Horses!

Katie and I moved to a couple of different sites the last few days because of the beautiful tree that was right over the rig.  I loved that site, but we were only getting great solar for half the day, and once the sun started to move across the sky, the tree blocked the sun. We were still doing okay solar-wise, but I decided I wanted as much bang for my solar buck as I could get.

I also found a dot of tree sap on one of my chairs, and I didn't want sap all over my rooftop.  I went up to the roof Tuesday with some towels and a water squirt bottle and checked the roof for sap.  There were some drops and I cleaned them off, then I cleaned the solar panels, too, while I was up there.  Then we moved to the campsite right above us, it didn't have any trees right overhead, and I had a beautiful view of the tree - in front of my window instead of overhead.  This second site wasn't as pretty, though, and I didn't like the layout.  It was rougher, with lots of little weed-like plants all over the ground.  But a good site for solar and a good view.

We left the second site in the morning yesterday and went to the water and dump stations and took care of that, then I drove around the campgrounds a little to see if I could find a pretty site with good solar possibilities.  I also wanted to check out the Primitive Camping area, which is the free area right on the lake.  There's also a nice campground right above that area, but I liked the campground area I'm in better.

While I was there checking it out, I saw a herd of wild horses near the lake edge.  They were hanging around, eating the grass, drinking the water, and just looking beautiful.  There were two foals in the herd by the water, and another one that looked like a new born foal was a little way off with two adult horses. These are the first wild horses I've seen.  After a year on the road, I'm still having "firsts."

 Here is a long shot of the horses, most of them are in the picture.

 Close-up of some of the mares and stallions and two foals.
It looks like a yearling right in the middle.

 Mare and foal.

Look at this little white foal - doesn't it look like a newborn?

After watching the horses for a while, we drove back to the Ranger's Office area, where the showers are. I decided to check them out, and if I liked what I saw, I'd use their water instead of my newly filled fresh water tank.  (BTW, no more water leaks.  That leak a while ago must have been from the loose black cap on the top of the water tank.)

The showers were old but clean, there are two, one regular and one handicapped.  Since there was no one around and the park was pretty empty, I felt okay using the handicapped one.  It had a lot more room and the shower was larger with a bench to put my stuff on.  I also liked the adjustable shower head.

There is a push button for the water, which lasted about 20 seconds.  The shower was great, and it was so easy to shave my legs with that nice bench!  Much easier than in my little shower.

Then we drove back to our campground and it was completely empty.  I drove slow and checked each site for ease of access, view, and the trees that would affect the solar panels.  Katie and I walk down this road every day, but I was really checking the sites this time.  There is a drive-through site right down from where we were camped that was perfect.  We went back to the second site and loaded up the chairs, solar lights, etc., and went to the new site.  I couldn't believe how long we got input into the solar panels last night.  At 7:00 pm, we were still getting a little input, so I'm really happy with this site, and plan to stay here.

 This is the Primitive Camping area over the Free Fishing weekend.
Right now there are only a few campers there.

If I want to move again, you know, hitch-itch happens after a week or two, I'll go down to the Primitive Camping area for the last few days to see if we can watch the wild horses again.  The Ranger said they also have wild burros here.

The other day Katie and I took a couple of "hikes."  I thought.  There's a trail head at the end of our road right near our site where lots of people park, and walk down with their fishing gear.  Or just walk. I decided to see what was there.  We walked a little way along a narrow trail with a nice drop off on one side.  We ended up at the dam.  It was a nice little walk, but definitely not a hike.

Then we walked to the road above us where I've seen people driving, and I wanted to see what was up there.  There was a curve in the road, and soon as we went around the curve, we saw a turn-around.  Nothing there at all.  So both of our hikes turned out to be a bust.

Probably just as well, since Katie and I are still a bit out of breath.  Some days are better than others, but this altitude is definitely affecting us.  I'm not sick, I feel fine.  It's only when we're walking that I notice a difference in my stamina.  I know there are some nice hikes in the park, but I guess they aren't up here at our end.

 Bluewater Lake Dam

According to the website describing the dam, it's "an arched dam 90 ft high and 500 ft long that impounds 38,500 acre-ft of water. The last time water spilled over the dam was in 1941. The dam is convex in the upstream direction for increased strength, and it is at the mouth of Bluewater Creek in a steep-walled canyon. An overlook at the end of the road through the park facilities offers an excellent view of the dam and canyon. A primitive hiking trail leads down into the canyon below the dam."  I don't know if that's the trail we were on.  It seemed to stop, but there was a sharp turn that we didn't take.  There were big rocks in the way that we could have climbed over, but with the drop off, I was afraid to try.  I couldn't see where it went, but it may be continued on into the canyon.

The man in the photo below was camped down the road from us for a few nights.  We talked a little bit when Katie and I walked past his site; I should have engaged him more.  I'll bet he was interesting.  He had a truck and this sleeping hammock.   He was gone this morning, but my neighbor said he talked to him, and he said, yes, he did sleep in it.  He said all he needs is two trees strong enough to hang it on, and he's set.  I guess it's easier than putting up a tent. I wonder how comfortable it is.  And he had no privacy at all, but I guess he's okay with that.

 Katie and the sunset.

From Me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. It must have been thrilling to see all those horse. They are just beautiful. Glad you got a spot to maximize your solar time. That last picture is wonderful. Hugs to you and Katie.

  2. Glad you found another site to get the most charging time possible. What a great view from you dinette. Looks like Katie likes sunsets, too. Enjoy the horses!

  3. Very cool to see wild horses. They are beautiful animals. Glad you found a good 'sun' spot too.

  4. How exciting! Love the Katie sunset pic.

  5. Sorry if you've already answered this. Did you buy the annual State Parks pass, or do you not plan to stay that long?

  6. Loved the pictures of the wild horses. How neat to see them, they were beautiful.

  7. You and Jim both need to realize you've had a pretty rough year as far as medical issues. You are going to get winded especially at the higher altitudes. So take it easy and go slow. Love the horse pictures. That definitely is a new born. So cute. But the last pic of Katie is the cutest.

  8. The horses are just so beautiful. The colt's legs are still so spindly. What a great place.
    Sun set and Katie is a great shot.

  9. What a treat to see the horses! I love watching wild animals, their behaviors are so interesting, and they are all so beautiful!

  10. What beautiful horses. Usually wild horses look kind of scruffy, but those guys are gorgeous. Great pics.

    BTY...where the heck are you? I can't remember. I know you headed north for cooler temps but can't for the life of me remember what state. I want to put that place on my list to see.

  11. There's a trail into the canyon near the outhouse past the hookup sites on the main road. It's not too steep but once you get down into the canyon if you want to take a longer hike it requires crossing the creek to the trail on the other side, which can be tough depending on how high the water is.
    Enjoy watching those horses. They came to visit us in our site one day.


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