Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have the nicest neighbors, and it just got better

It's been very nice and quiet lately.  Not a lot to post about, which is a good thing sometimes.

I've already met Betty and her son, Rick, who are camped behind The Palms - she couldn't be nicer, and we've had a few great conversations.  She is camping with her adult son and also has a little Yorkie, Candy, who is darling.  Rick was a very good neighbor last evening - when Katie and I were out for a walk, I heard him yell, "Coyote!"  I yelled, "Where???"  and he pointed at a very healthy coyote trotting along across the way from us.  Check out Denise's blog - she got a photo when she was standing on her roof, hopefully she will post it.

We have lots of little lizards here, but this guy was really big and meaty looking.  I think he is a Great Basin Collared Lizard, Crotaphytus bicinctores.  Thanks, Hazel!  He is a Sceloporus bimaculosus  -  Twin-Spotted Spiny Lizard.  He was beautiful.

Then the other day the neighbor across the road from us came over.  I was checking my generator oil, putting on my tire covers, etc. after coming home from town.  I guess her husband thought he saw me with my head in my hands, and sent her over to see if I needed help.  How nice was that?  Actually, I was fine. It was windy and since my hair is getting longer, I was probably just trying to tuck the flying hair into a headband.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen making potato salad, fixing shrimp for dinner, cleaning up, etc. and Katie kept barking.  I didn't see anyone outside and my couch shades were down due to the sun shining in.  I went outside, and what did I see?

A big Class A right alongside The Palms with Denise sitting in the shade on her step, and Bennie right there with her.  Her motor home's engine must really be quiet, because I didn't hear a thing.  I snapped this photo as they were driving away to their new site.

Katie likes to sleep with her head on her toys - here she is sleeping on her ball:

Or... she tucks her face in under a pillow - that's what she did during this nap:

Watching critters out the screen door:

Katie and Bennie got along just fine, both got a cookie, and I'm looking forward to Katie having a dog in the area that she likes.   Not that she doesn't like Candy the Yorkie, but Bennie is calmer and I think Candy is a little too friendly and scares her a bit.

We chatted for a little bit, then Denise moved on to find a good site in the area.  Denise, I'm glad you made it down here, and I hope you have a fun, very uneventful stay this season.  :)

Katie and I walked over later in the day during our evening walk to say hi, and I got to help Denise get her motorcycle out of the motorhome.  She has a custom made 3-piece ramp that attaches to the garage door when it's down.  It's quite a setup.

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From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  n


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love your sun set pics...someday I will make it out west...if you want to see turtles come on down to Florida!!

  2. WoW, what a beautiful lizard, but he sure looks "mean". :-)
    Love your shots of all the desert wildlife. Your sunsets are beautiful! Looks like you and Katie are enjoying yourselves!

  3. Sunset pictures are so pretty! And so are the hummingbirds!
    Our Sally sits on the step to look out just like Katie does...too funny!

  4. Those coyotes are out anticipating the arrival of thousand of people bringing their pets. Love the sunsets.

  5. Doris does that too - she likes to wedge her nose in a crevice to nap. I wish you could meet her, she and Katie are so much alike.

  6. I like your setup for sitting outside. It's neat to sit beneath the saguaro.

  7. I love your lizard - he is beautiful. Such gorgeous pictures. Glad Denise got there safe.

  8. Beautiful lizard. It looks pretty big to me. Never seen more than the little ones. And they are so fast that one hardly can take a good shot.
    Say hello from us to Denise if you meet her again, will you? I envy you all being down there already.

  9. Lovely photos, though I'm not a lizard fan! One of my cats likes to sleep with his face tucked in, just like Katie....she is such a cutie. I'm glad your neighbor warned you about the coyote!

    Enjoy your neighbors and the beautiful sunsets!

  10. Lovely sunset photos! Katie is a cutie :-)

  11. Chica also likes sleeping on her toys. I enjoyed all your pics.

  12. I just love your stories. Even your calm days seem like such an adventure, sans the rodents, of course.

    Barbara Miller


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