Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Attaching the Sirius antenna

I recently got a new Sirius radio with an audio kit. It comes with an outdoor antenna that is supposed to be put in the middle of the car/truck roof, over where the radio would be installed in the dash.  I'm using mine as a portable radio - in the dinette using my Bose radio as it's speakers, and in the sleeping loft with a portable speaker at night.

I guess this is the entertainment corner:

I'll be moving it around, and will also have it up front with me when I'm driving.  I tried the antenna inside the dinette area, but having the antenna outside appears to get the maximum signal, so I had to do that.  Unfortunately, my sleeping loft is over the truck cab, so I had to put the antenna on top of The Palms on the roof.  The antenna is a strong magnet, so that it would stick on the car/truck roof, but it won't stick to fiberglass so I had to attach it another way.

I cleaned the areas well, then put 3M SureLock on the plastic going across the roof and on the bottom of the antenna. 

This SureLock is a heavy duty, indoor/outdoor Velcro type product and it looks like it is sticking well, so far.  I'll keep an eye on it.

I used a couple of pieces of duct tape to anchor the "tail" of the antenna and the wire up to the plastic strip.

I should have used EternaBond Tape for the wire going into the sleeping loft window, but I didn't have enough, so I'm trying white duct tape.  First I cut small pieces and placed them along the plastic piece going over the roof, then I pulled out a long piece to cover it all up, so it's double stuck.  

Then I fed the wire across the top of the water drainage strip, and down into the loft window.  I stuck it down with the duct tape and shut the window. 

It's nice having 3 bars on the radio, I listen to it a lot and good reception will give me a much more enjoyable listening experience. 

This has been a productive day for me.  After getting the antenna on the roof, I came inside and had lunch then grilled up some chicken breasts and a fish fillet for future meals.  Then I made a bowl of potato salad for future meals, got the dishes done, cleaned up the kitchen and I'm done.

I've been re-arranging some of the things in The Palms the last few days.  Little by little things come out and when they aren't used in a while, I find a new place to tuck them away.  The old rolling home is looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  :)

As I was finishing this up, I looked out the front window and guess what I saw walking right in front of The Palms?

I saw something white near the rear of Denise's rig and was worried it was Benny, and the coyote was heading that way.  I opened my window and yelled, "Coyote!" twice.  Just in case.  And also for other campers in our area.  It wasn't even 4:00 pm yet.  Pretty early.

I've seen more coyotes so far this year than the other two years combined down here.  There must be a lot of them, or else they are hungrier than other years.  I have to admit, he is a beautiful animal.

WELCOME to our newest Follower, jhm522000.  She doesn't show any information at all, so I can't point you to a blog, but we are very happy to have you along with us on our RVing adventures, jhm522000!

Also... I have some blog housekeeping duties. I've done some digging into my recent new followers - the number keeps growing but I'm not seeing any new faces in my "members" gadget except for jhm522000. So I went back into the new followers that don't have photos and I've found some new names.   Many don't have blogs shown or any other information, but for those that do, I've listed it. I hope I haven't missed anyone.

So.... a BIG (and for some, belated) Welcome to:

Jean and Skip - they do have a blog, and I've actually just met these RVers.  They are friends of Denise and Benny and visited me the other day.  It was great visiting with you guys!  Jean and Skip live in Nanoose Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island, with their three dogs and are snowbirding here in Quartzsite.  Check out their blog here.

snowbirdy has a blog called Solo snowbirds.  As you can tell from the name, snowbirdy is a solo snowbird.  Check out her blog, too.

Glenda Laine also has a blog, Casita Escapes.  She and her partner, Jeff, have been traveling in their Casita with their dog and two cats since 2008 and have traveled to most of the states.  I met Glenda and Jeff at City of Rocks when we were camping there in March of this year. (Remember the great Raven photos in the rocks in our campsite? That was a really fun place to be.)

Carla Hall - Carla doesn't show also has a blog, thank you for letting me know, Carla - and it can be found here.  This is what she has written in her Profile:  "Author of "Obliterated-Would You Know How to Survive?" ebook (a science fiction thriller). Planning my escape to full-time vandwelling within the year."  I checked on Amazon.com for her book, and it looks really interesting.  Carla, have you started full-timing yet?

Diana  has no blog yet, but this is what her profile says, "Planning on full timing within the next year. I have no blog yet."  Good luck with your plans, Diana - when you start blogging, let me know.

Welcome to you all, Katie and I appreciate you following our blog!

And now, I'm eating some cubed watermelon and watching Dr. Phil.  As I said above - I'm done for the day.

From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone! :)


  1. I love my satellite radio. There is always something on worth listening to. I like it better than TV.

  2. Sounds like a very productive day! Enjoy your radio....and watch out for the coyote!

  3. Thanks, Barbara, for saying hello and also for mentioning my book. I have a new blog related to the "survival/emergency prep" theme of my novel, and you have reminded me that I need to note it in my profile. That blog is at: http://prepsandprecautions.blogspot.com/

    The last post is specifically about being prepared when boondocking and taking a hike. I made a trip in my converted van up to South Dakota for my driver's license and quickly learned the importance of a catalytic heater when I went through 5 nights of below freezing temps with no "house" heat. LOL I am refining a few things and will head to Quartzite for the RTR in January if things go as planned. Thanks again! Carla

  4. That is one bold and beautiful coyote. I'm wondering how much of a menace they are? Would it run if you yelled at it or are they more aggressive? Would it try to attack a dog or cat if a human was close? I don't know much about coyotes but know they are sure adaptable and seem to be everywhere. We saw one in an industrial area near Portland once.

  5. If you get rainwater following your antenna wire in, give some thought to providing a six inch "drip loop" which extends below the lower channel of the window before entering. That should take care of any water incursion.

  6. Wow, Jean and Skip live just a hop skip and a jump (45 minute drive) from me on Vancouver Island - I live in Comox! Cheers!

  7. Thank you, Wil - I'm going to re-do the wire to make that loop. I'd hate for the water to follow the wire into the small space it might be leaving open during a heavy rain. I think the window is closed tight, but you never know. :)

  8. I was wondering what on earth you were doing up on your roof today - nosey neighbour that I am !! LOL

  9. I particularly enjoyed seeing you have been on the roof doing a good job!

  10. I tried the velco tape with my radio antenna but it didn't hold well with time. I then fastened a piece of ferrous (iron containing) metal...actually a canning lid to the roof with good silicon and let the magnet in the antenna hold it in place. Has worked well for several years on my fiberglass RV roof.

  11. Hello Barbara....thank you for the kind welcome :D....My husband and I are in the beginning stages of preparing to fulltime :)... so we are voraciously devouring all of the information out here.... Your blog and little Katie have been so informative! We are preparing to retire next summer, have already downsized and sold our home of 36 years :)...We have a wonderful little 5 year old pomeranian, Bailey....and are now starting to look for a used Class C....

    take care and look forward to learning more from you

    Cindy/currently in Nebraska

  12. It's fun figuring out solutions to our entertainment needs! I'd love those Bose speakers - bet they sound really great. The coyote, yes, I think they are beautiful too, but they sure do give me the creeps when they get too close!

  13. I like your Sirius radio setup. What model is it?

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