Monday, November 25, 2013

A new campsite

As I wrote in my last post, last Friday was a very rainy, stormy day here at Quartzsite.  I decided to drive into town to do laundry and a little shopping.  We left our very nice, cozy site and drove away.

When we returned, there were large puddles in the site, and it didn't look quite as inviting as it did when we left.  Rather than backing up into our previous spot in front of the "living room" with our chairs and table  - right into the largest puddle, I decided we should be on the other side of the fire pit, where there were no puddles. 

There were a bunch of rocks right where I wanted to park, so I got out in the drizzling rain and moved them over, tossed a bunch in a pile, and then backed in.  I seldom just "back in."  I check my compass to make sure I'm pointing West, then back in, check the leveling app on my phone, go outside and look around, climb back behind the steering wheel, adjust, etc.  Sometimes it's quick.  Sometimes it's not.  I'd rather go through this a bunch of times and be level than have to use leveling blocks.  I have two sacks of levelers, but they don't come out unless I have no choice.

When we woke up Saturday morning I looked outside and noticed my neighbors left early that morning.  This motor home came in two nights before and parked in the next site (we were the ONLY two sites occupied on this entire "street" along the washes on either side.  Interesting how that always works out, isn't it?  :)   When they pulled up, I'm saying to myself, "Are you kidding me???"  At first I thought they were visiting me!

So Katie and I went out for a little walk and checked out that now-empty site and I decided to move over there.  It was a really easy drive in and back up kind of location.  Very level. 

When we were pointed in the right direction, I walked back and forth in the rain retrieving our chairs, table, solar lights, hummer feeders, and welcome mat.  I was soaking wet.  I changed into dry clothes, hung the wet top and jeans in the bathroom to drip dry and got The Palms back in order.  And that was that.

Here are photos of the new site:

A little pathway to the wash behind us.  A previous camper put the initials KD here, and I made a slight adjustment...

This is our new living room with a nice big tree canopy:

Here's Katie, enjoying her walk around the BD garden path area:

This is our fourth site since we drove into Quartzsite the beginning of October.  I like staying in the same place for a while, but moving around within that place into different sites, and I always enjoy my new site more than the last. Every site we've been in - since the start of our full-time adventure - had something special.  Space, coziness, trees, wide-open spaces, nice neighbors, no neighbors etc.  (I'm soooo good at finding the good side - you can imagine how well I did when I was a Real Estate Agent with that one-bedroom condo I was selling in San Diego that had the main inside hallway on one side and a tall brick building on the other side.  All the windows had a view of brick.  Very close.  Nothing else to see.  Oh yeah! That one was a challenge! )

Katie and I are enjoying this new site - but I doubt this will be our last campsite here in Quartzsite. There are lots of choices here - just how I like it.  :)

Two photos of Katie from the last week...

Watching for lizards - sorry about making your butt look fat, Katie.  (It's really not.  LOL) 

Katie playing with her baby, both ears up!

From me and Katie, have a great Monday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. Your new site is so homey - love the walkway and especially your monogram!

  2. Isn't wonderful to have a home you can move so easily? I used to have a Sunseeker. They are a nice rig.

  3. Yep adding your initials make it your own. Why ever would you want to leave if not for a better site,join friends or......Yeppers, change your mind, change your location!!

  4. Glad you are enjoying quartzite, we have never camped there, but hope to someday!

  5. That's so cool you just move a little ways and change the view! Love your new " living room" !

    Katie is so cute!

    Hope the weather is better...

  6. I just found you tonight, I used to read your blog all the time and then I lost some blogs off my list, I just joined a new blog and low and behold you are on their list, I was so glad I found that blog tonight because it led me here, I have some catching up to do with your posts, beautiful photos!

  7. Small move, new views. Can't beat it. Sure glad that rain has stopped.

  8. Hey Barbara, You should have left the inital K there and changed the D to a B = Katie & Barbara !!

  9. That looks like a great site - nice tree. Cute pictures of Katie - nah, her butt doesn't look fat!!!

  10. Q sure has a lot of really great real estate to offer.


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