Sunday, November 17, 2013

New solar engine lights

Denise was nice enough to let me know she was ordering some new solar lights on  Her plan was to put them on the ground under her engine area to keep away critters.  She asked if I wanted to get some, too, and she'd add them to her order.

After the RAT chewed through my very cool set-up, I decided to go with the solar approach.

The lights arrived the other day and after getting them all power up in the sun, I've set them up around the top of my engine and they've been there for two nights.  And they are working very well!

The lights look kind of messy, I could arrange them better, but they are working and I'm not tying them down, so I'll just remove them when I drive and plop them down again on top when I'm stationary.  Excuse my dust - I like a dusty engine.  Then I can see footprints and take more action. :( 

These lights have two options:  steady or blinking.  I have mine set to blinking; I figure that might confuse critters and scare them away.

I put a medium sized rock right near the hooking mechanism for the hood, so it won't close and latch.  I have the solar panel parts of the lights coming out to get the full sunlight every day to keep them powered up.  

I still have the 2 foot section of the old lights in the engine on the right side (click here for that mod), and that's a really powerful, very bright section of lights, so I don't have any of the new lights in that area.  The new ones aren't nearly as bright, but I think they will be fine.

If you are interested in ordering, here is what they look like when you get them.  Click here for the website.   I'm putting the link on the right sidebar, too, in case you want to see them in the future.

I didn't use the stake that comes with the lights, I'm just hanging the panel out of the engine, but you can stake the panel into the ground.  That's what Denise is doing.

I'm not sure mine are this bright, but they are bright enough for what I need. Denise, thanks for the great idea and including my lights in your order!

Katie waking up yesterday morning - I love her first "face" when she wakes up.  :)

And here's Katie looking outside.  I wonder what she's looking at.

Oh, yeah, I should have known.  Here's that lizard again with the turquoise coloring.  Hazel did some research trying to find out what kind of lizard he is, but no luck so far.  Hazel, here's another clear photo of him.  Click on the picture and then click again for a good really close shot.  Let me know if you find out what he is and I'll include it here. :)

Here's our beautiful full moon on Saturday night:


This is the best moon shot I've gotten with this new Canon PowerShot SX500 IS.  It looks like we can even see some sunspots in this photo.  It was a beautiful evening.

We've been having the most beautiful weather.  A few days have been cool, overcast or windy, but still, a little variety is definitely my idea of perfect weather.  The rest have been calm, warm, gorgeous.  Hopefully it will continue.

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Barbara, That's gotta be the cutest picture of Katie yet !! It's like she's saying "Hey Mom, It's too early, I don't wanna get up !!"

  2. Great pictures of the moon. I am always working on getting moon pictures. And I love the picture of Katie - just darling!

  3. It was cloudy the last two nights, but the moon is up and bright tonight.

  4. Sorry, I also want to say that you pup's picture is precious!

  5. That's a good idea for lights under the engine. I'm not able to get your link to Amazon to work.


  6. The moon shot is great!!
    It looks like you have a great system for keeping those critters out of your engine area!! Hope it all works for you :-)
    Don't know about the lizard, not my favorite creature!! How large is he??

  7. Sassy and Benny - yes, that is exactly what she was saying! I wanted her up and out to go potty before The View was on. :)

    Tinabeane - thanks for the heads up - I've fixed the link to the solar lights.

    Happytrails - that lizard is small, pretty thin, maybe about 8 inches total length, from nose to tip of his tail?

  8. That moon shot, in particular, is spectacular. I always enjoy your photos but this one is extra-special. Thank you for sharing.

    And tell Katie I feel just like she looks when I wake up myself, so tomorrow when I wake up I'll be thinkin' o' Katie.


  9. Aww, Katie has a flop! Does it ever stand up?

    Rocco has a flop, but it is only flopped when he's tired.

  10. I have solar lights in my back yard and love them. Got them at the Dollar Store so love them even more. One of the best inventions ever.
    Barbara Miller

  11. Aww, love that picture of Katie. Such a sweetie dog.

  12. Just Googled pictures of your lizard and it looks like The Commom Lizard.

  13. Excellent idea about the solar lights!! Hope they work!

    Did you use a tripod for the moon picture?

  14. Andrea - Katie's ear is almost always down - unless she's on alert. When she sits, one ear is down, and she often holds one foot (on the other side) up. So cute!

    Dawn - No, I don't have a tripod. I read once that if you have a long shot, keep your elbows in on your chest and that will help steady the camera. It works!

  15. Enjoyed your photos and Katie is so cute! Found your blog on rvsue's blog.Gonna try the solar lights...:)

  16. What a unique way to use solar lights! I never would have thought to use them like that, but I'm so glad you did! And I'm glad you shared it with the rest of us!


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