Monday, November 11, 2013

Today's news from Quartzsite

Not a lot going on - I snapped some photos of Denise driving past us on her motorcycle a few days ago.  She was on her way to Parker.  Notice the little box on the back fender?  That's Benny in his carrier.  How cute is that?

Denise and I were talking yesterday about moving our campsites to a new area.  We have a new neighbor who has one of those industrial strength generators and runs it all evening.  What we can't figure out is that they have three solar panels - I wonder why they need to run their generator so much...  Anyway, I finally decided I'm staying.  I always have something on - an audio tape, playing a computer game that makes a lot of noise, my Sirius radio, the TV - something.  Even when I walk with Katie I have my MP3 player on with another audio book playing in my ears.  So other people's noise doesn't usually bother me.  Denise likes to enjoy the quiet of the desert, so it bothers her more.

Plus, when he's running his LOUD generator, no one will notice that I'm running mine to top off my batteries. I always worry that I'm disturbing my neighbors' peace and quiet when I run my generator, but this new neighbor is definitely covering my noise.  And he's a little ways away, so it's not like he's right next door.  Oh, the tough life I have...  the things I have to worry about.  (Snicker, snicker)   :)

We've been discussing my solar/battery/generator set-up a lot.  I have two 135 solar panels and two 6V golf cart batteries, wired in series.  In most places I'm good with that, but when I come to Arizona, the sun doesn't go overhead - it rises, goes across the side of the sky and sets.  I don't get direct overhead sun on my panels, and my panels don't tilt.  Both Denise and Andy think I need more battery power, or maybe I need to replace my batteries.  They are only about two years old, though, and should be fine, so I might be needing to add two more.

I'm going to check with Discount Solar in town to see what they say, and what it would cost me to add two more batteries.  They would need to be on the driver's side of The Palms, weight-wise (I'm underweight for the rating on this motor home, so I don't have to worry about the extra battery weight), and I'd need to have a box built for them that would go in the bottom of my clothes closet and have them vented to the outside.  I have no idea what that would cost.  Sure would be nice to get through the whole day without having to run the generator to top off my batteries.  At least I want to find out what's going on and what it would cost me.  Then it would probably be something I'd do next year when I get to Quartzsite again.

Katie and I visited Denise and Benny and while we were outside sitting in the shade, Katie went into Denise's motor home and sat there in the doorway. We couldn't figure out why she just sat there looking out instead of joining us.  When I went to get her, she was sitting next to one of Benny's chew toys - that's why she was there.  Hoping?  Waiting for permission to chew it up?  I love this photo of her:

Later Denise gave Katie a new chew toy, and Katie walked back to our campsite with it in her mouth.  As soon as we got home, Katie started in on it.

She chewed on it until it was gone.  Thanks Denise and Benny, Katie loved her chew toy!

This is the coyote we saw last night at sunset as he was running along the next wash.  He then turned and scooted away from us into the trees and bushes. 

This evening we all took a walk to the dumpsters and on the way back Katie started barking furiously - her LOUD bark.  Then I heard a woman yelling.  Of course - it was a coyote nearby.  When we spotted him, the coyote ran across the desert to the next wash.  He seemed afraid of us and Katie's barking and ran away from us.  Katie was hard to quiet down, that coyote really got her going.  I don't know whether Katie saw it or smelled it, but she knew it was there before we were able to spot it.  Especially in the darkening evening.   I'll tell you, you've got to keep your eyes open, but so far they seem to want to be far from humans and their dogs.  I hope it stays that way.

This is the best photo I could get - it was getting dark and he was running!  Never a dull moment here at Quartzsite, even when nothing is going on.  :)

I hooked up my Wii and WiiFit yesterday morning.  I've been wanting to have it set up for a while, and finally did it.  Now I can get some exercise inside The Palms as well as walking out in the desert.  Katie and I have been walking a lot, but sometimes she isn't as willing to keep going and I want to supplement our walks with some inside exercise.  

From me and Katie, loving our life here at Quartzsite, have a great Monday night, everyone! :)


  1. Katie is so cute! Of our 4 pups, 3 chew up a toy immediately and 1 will carry it around forever! So funny how they all have a different personality. Love the sign on the steps in the MH...way cute!


  2. Love the picture of Katie on the steps.
    Those industrial generators are so
    noisy, too bad he parked so close.

  3. Somebody running a generator like that would have had us on the run. I'm like Sassy, it is only the natural sounds of the desert I want to hear. Not somebody else's noise. We had 2 solar panels on our Damon like yours but we were able to tilt them towards the sun. Also had 4 batteries instead of 2 & that set-up worked well for the 6 years. Katie kind of reminds me of our little Motormouse years ago.....

  4. We have one of those noisy generators. We just don't boondock enough to justify the expense of something quiet. But we only run it for a couple of hours to make sure the batteries are charged. Then we use the inverter to watch TV or charge the computers. I really try to be nice to my neighbors.

  5. Wish we had room for two more batteries. We do great in the summer with our three solar panels but it's hard in the short winter days.
    Katie is such a cutie!

  6. If your 6 volt batteries are the normal type they require constantly monitoring their distilled water levels in their cells otherwise they'll dry up and fail. We are slowly adding AGM (All Glass Mat) Batteries because are pricey but there is no water in them, their life is about ten years, they can be laid on their side for installation and they don't need to be vented because they don't give off any fumes.

    Too many people think bigger is better and that is why that neighbor has a big generator. We have a Honda EI3000 it runs totally quiet but I even find that on the large size.

    Cute pictures of Katie but keep her safe from the Coyotes. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Little Katie sure leads a full life. Coyotes, even in a photo, are scary when you have little furry loved ones.

  8. Before you invest in batteries you should check out this site, Bob is real knowledgeable when it comes to solar power, and will gladly answer your question's.

  9. I think you could have the newly built box and batteries installed near the whole house water filter, and not loose closet space!

  10. I think you could have the newly built box and batteries installed near the whole house water filter, and not loose closet space!

  11. What a polite little lady Katie is! I love the light in the picture of the coyote...everything looks like it is kissed with gold.

  12. Katie is sure a cutie!! Those coyotes can be scary but so far they seem more afraid of you guys...thats a good thing!!

  13. Barb,
    You nailed the problem with your solar arrangement. There's plenty of sun but its too low in the sky. I would get some tilting brackets for your solar panels and you'll also want to make sure the water levels are good in your batteries. I went with AGMs last year and it was one of the best mods I make to my RV-no need to ever check water levels again.


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