Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Settled, finally! Here's our new camp - and our first visitor. :)

We are finally back in Quartzsite, La Posa South, after being in the Yuma area for a week for some shopping, two dental appointments and checking out Imperial Dam LTVA. 

It's SO GOOD to be back, and my favorite campsite was still empty.  It used to be my second favorite, but it's moved up on my list.  That's Brian and Sue's camp right behind us on the next wash. 

For the first time this season, I brought out the hummingbird feeders. That's when I know I'm settled for a while.  It's been a wild month and I'm glad it's behind us.  Now we can relax and enjoy the desert!

And here's our first visitor - of the feathered variety.  Not long after I hung my feeders, this Black-chinned male hummer came by for a look - he didn't stay long, but he'll be back.

As soon as he flew away a beautiful Broad-tailed male checked out the feeder attached to my dinette window - he had a beautiful gorget of crimson feathers shining in the sun.  I'll be waiting for him to come by again - hopefully get a good shot of the brilliant color.

We didn't stay at Imperial Dam LTVA for long, only two nights.  One night at Quail Hill and then one night at the main campground, South Mesa. We didn't see any burros, but each morning there were donkey droppings right near The Palms, so I know they were walking by in the night.  When the babies are older they will come during the day. 

I made the best oatmeal yesterday - it was the instant kind, quick and filling, and I added chopped almonds and fat blueberries and cut up bananas.  It stuck with me all day. 

And here are two photos of little Katie - first on her morning walk with her pink quilted bomber jacket on.  This is the first time she's worn it this season, but the morning was cold and windy.  I was so bundled up, it didn't seem fair not to put her coat on, too.

Then later when it was warmer, she wanted to be outside in her stroller watching the world go by.  Look at those ears - she looks ready to take off.  LOL

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.  Stay warm and happy!  💓😊💓


  1. Crikey Katie ..... you wouldn't miss any gossip with those ears, aye?? Good to see you out and about. I bet you'll enjoy staying put for a while. Did you get to try your Mom's oatmeal? They eat some weird stuff our Mom's, aye?? Have fun in the desert.

  2. Barb if you don't mind visitors Kathy and I would like to stop in for a brief visit. Just let us know where you are from where George and Suzie are located.
    We are presently set up at Quail Run RV Park on the North side of town while I work at installing our Solar Panels.
    E-mail richard.p.rousseau@gmail.com.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Looks like you are enjoying moving about and back to Q at La Posa south. We are enjoying it too.

  4. Glad you are settled in and enjoying friends - human and feathered - in Q. See you next month.

  5. I love having hookups but I also love the size of sites like yours with no close neighbors and lots of room. Not sure if we'll make it to Q this year.

  6. That Oatmeal reminds me I need to replenish my supply and get some good extras like you did. I do love Oatmeal. I even love it for supper. Yum. Yum.

  7. this oatmeal is my everyday routine! I love it


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