Friday, December 23, 2016

A little local Quartzsite color

Aren't these hummingbirds gorgeous?  The first one is a Costa's Hummingbird male, and the guy with the red head is an Anna's Hummingbird.  I love it when I can get them with the sun shining just right to show off their colors.  These were taken right after a rain, so there were drops on the window where the feeder was, but still, they came out really well.  :)

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Here's our current campsite - Home Sweet Home!

Kate and I went into town the other day and walked around the Vendor Tent areas - there are already a lot of them set up.  This first vendor, K & B Tools, has just about anything you'd want.  All kinds of tools and toys, it's where I got my new water pump and many other things over the years.

The food outlet store - TONS of things to buy, many of which are outdated or soon to be outdated.  But cheap.  I get Keurig K-Cups here every year.  Super good prices and most things last well beyond the dates shown.  I never get dented cans, though. 

Hat and jackets for sale - some nice looking hats:

Lots of kitchen things.  I was looking for an old-fashioned egg-beater, and the owner said he got a bad batch and wasn't selling them this year.  I continued to look around, and as I was leaving, he came running after me, "Young lady, young lady!"   LOL - I got a kick out of that!  He said a customer heard our conversation and found an egg-beater on one of the tables, so he gave it to me - FREE.  It still had the $10 tag on it.  Wasn't that nice? 

Here's Katie laying on the back of the couch in front of the window feeder - "Mom, that bird keeps bugging me!"

We had a beautiful sunset again the other night.  If I ever start painting, and I plan to, I'm going to pull up some of my Quartzsite sunsets and try to use them as guides.  I love the foreground in this one - which actually ends up in most of my sunsets from this campsite.  The bushes, Saguaro cactus, mountains, and then the sunset.  Can you imagine some of the photos I've posted done in water colors?  Or oils?  Seems like the Western sunset sky would be better in oil, and the softer Eastern sky in water colors.   I just remembered - I have a program that will do that - think I'll check it out and I'll post some next time from that program.  😊

From me and Katie - have a great weekend, everyone!   💕💗💕


  1. love the hummers... looking forward to setting up my feeder when we move over to Mesa o the 26th

  2. My favorite bird is the hummingbird and you have some beauties!!! Before we sold our house the hummers in Georgia had already taken off for warmer places.
    Yes, those sunsets are awesome and would look amazing in paintings. Wish I were that talented!!
    Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Great pictures Barb. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. I love the Humming birds too. And you had fun exploring the vendors there . Always deals to be had, enjoy your time there, And the great weather.

  5. Great shots of the Humming Birds.
    Sorry we didn't get to stop around but can save that for after the 3rd.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

  6. Crikey .... Mum loves those hummingbirds. We don't get them here. The colours are so special, aye?? What a nice bloke that vendor bloke was. If someone called my Mum young lady, young lady, I think she'd kiss him. I hope you do paint those sunsets. They are pretty spectacular.

  7. Looks like you've found the perfect spot. Merry Christmas!

  8. Beautiful beautiful photos! I didn't realize the tops of the heads on hummingbirds had so many feathers that stood up! Cool! And I love the sunsets, one of the best things about being out there!

  9. Love your close ups of the hummers, they are so fun to watch and certainly can brighten up a dull day with their beautiful colours. We will have to check out the K-cups at the food outlet when we return.

  10. Barbara, wanted to email you... but cant find an email address on your blog... Kelly

  11. Beautiful photos of the sunset and fun pics of the places to buy. I'd love to see what you do painting. Our plan is to be out there next winter so maybe we can connect and paint together or just look at our shoes with heels and have some wine!! Happy New year!!
    Sheila and the gang!

  12. Shoes with heels? I'm not getting that, but it made me laugh. :)

  13. Just found your blog. Nice job. Tell me more about the Blog Fest. We are going to be at Quartzsite in a couple of weeks for the show.

  14. Hi - if you have any questions about the BloggerFest, you can contact Lorne and Susan Green, who are organizing it this year. Their e-mail is: Or check out their blog -
    - which will have more information as the date approaches. Hope you can make it! :)


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