Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Laundry Tree

Guess what I did this morning?

This is my laundry tree for the season - if I wash and partially dry everything at the laundromat, I can hang them outside to finish drying in the sunshine.  

I doubt the hummingbird whose job in life seems to be guarding the feeder is happy with all the clothes blocking his nectar, though.  Poor little guy - but they will be taken down soon.

The socks and " delicates" were almost dry, so I put them around the inside of the motor home.  Katie loves to jump up on the back of the couch and lay in the sun.  She wasn't quite sure what to do today, the look on her face was just so funny - not sure where to put that right front paw:

But she managed for a while.  LOL  Sometimes she cracks me up. 

Here's our Hummingbird on guard duty - he's not letting anyone get even close to this feeder:

He looks like a Costa's Hummingbird, they have deep purple necks in the sunshine, but his gorget shines a deep rose red, which would make him an Anna's hummer.  I think we have both here, because I've seen both colors.  ???

Here's another hummingbird, a female, who came by to see us.  She looks like the female Anna's in my guidebook:

It sure doesn't take them long to find us when we put out the feeders.

In the afternoon I walked down the road a ways looking for Suzie and George's motor home.  Click the link to check out their blog, Our Awesome Travels.  It was getting cold and I decided I'd never pick their rig out of all the ones in the distance, so I turned around to head for home.  And there was a car coming toward me - guess who?  George!  So I got a ride the rest of the way. Turns out I was almost there.

We had such a nice visit.  What a wonderful couple - I'm happy to have gotten to know them better.  They won't be here long, so it was good to have a chance to meet up again before they leave.

Thanks for the chat, you guys!  :)

And here's a gorgeous Quartzsite sunset.  I should add, "As usual."  But even if the sky is beautiful almost every evening, I don't think any of us get tired of seeing and snapping pictures of each one.

From me and Katie, have a super day today, everyone!  💓😀💓


  1. Laundry tree and Katy guarding the socks, and of course the sunset. Great pictures, wish I were there, too.

  2. Great pictures of the Humming Birds.
    Better be careful or scientist will think they have found a new breed of tree.
    Sorry we disturbed your chore day but are looking forward to sit and visiting for a bit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Rick and Kathy Rousseau

    It's about time.

  3. Love your laundry tree, Barb! And loved meeting you today. The story of Katy and the socks made me laugh. Clemson can't wait for laundry day as he likes to 'nest' in the clothes while I sort as well as after they are cleaned and ready to be put away. Oh and hummingbirds?? I love that they are here!

  4. why is it that laundromats never can dry the clothes... we met george and suze in Texas and they are a great couple. We might be int he Q in Feb if you are still there we will look you up

  5. Hey what a great time we had today.Love your laundry tree and spending the time with us was wonderful we will get together again I am sure.

  6. Crikey Barb ..... Im so glad you caught up with George and Suzie. They are my friends too. Suzy loves dogs. She would love Katy. Mum says to tell you those hummingbirds are beautiful and so is that sunset. She never gets tired of sunsets.

  7. Glad you got to meet George and Suzy. I've certainly enjoyed following along with them. Love your laundry tree! At least it's still sunny in Arizona.

  8. Love your tree.
    I do not think it is possible to get tired of the sunrises or sunsets out in the desert. Enjoy!

    Celebrating the Dance

  9. Hahaha. Katie is not going to let a few socks get in the way of snooze in the sunshine. They are so precious. I love the laundry tree. It reminded me of scenes you see of Mexico with clothes hanging out. I've stretched out some clothes lines down the side of my porch but sure do wish I had one of those nice umbrella clothes lines.

  10. Looks like a good way to dry the clothes and get a fresh sunny scent to them. Each sunset is awesome and never alike and I can understand taking repeating pics.


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