Sunday, December 11, 2016

Visiting with neighbors, my new hat and drones in the sky

George and Suzie invited me for dinner Friday evening - I was dying to taste one of those dinners I keep seeing in George's blog - especially the salad.  So I walked over to visit them on Friday for happy hour with George and Suzie and their neighbors.  All three couples live in the same place in Canada during the summer, and here they are neighbors in Quartzsite, too, for a couple of weeks!  I wanted to get a group photo before everyone started heading in different directions.

Clemson the Dog, Bill and Pat, Melinda and Jerry, George and Suzie. 
You can find their blogs here:  Patsy, Bill, Jerry and Melinda, George and Suzie.

The sun was bright - Suzie had given Melinda a hat, which she said she wouldn't wear, so she brought it over and gave it to me, and I love it!  Perfect for these bright days in the desert.  🔆🔆🔆

As I was walking up to their rigs, I saw Bill flying his drone.  These things are pretty neat!

When it was about time for dinner, the other couples headed for their campsites and George put a pork loin roast on the grill.

Wow, what a great dinner - I'm not much of a meat eater, and only wanted one slice of the roast, which was delicious.  George's salads have a little lettuce and lots of other things, my favorite kind of salad.  He put quite a bit on my plate, which I said I'd never finish...  Oh, yeah.

Gosh it was good!  As you can see... my empty plate:

Melinda and Jerry had a cherry/apple pie from town, and gave half of it to George and Suzie for our desert - thanks Melinda!  It was really good.

We visited for a while, then I walked home before it was dark.  Perfect timing!

When I got home I noticed Sue and Brian, behind me, had a blazing fire going.  I didn't bring my camera, but will next time.  They don't have campfires, they have BONFIRES!  So I put Katie's Bomber Jacket and leash on her, grabbed a light and we walked over for a visit.  Nice and toasty.

Speaking of Brian, I heard a drone outside yesterday, and there was Brian's drone flying around the area.

In fact, I was just outside and there was another one nearby - I don't think it was Brian's, so another neighbor must have one, too.  I wonder if they are allowed over the nudist area?   Humm.

And here's a beautiful pastel sky when the sun set the other night:

 Another perfect day in the desert!  From me and Katie, have a great evening, everyone!  😊😀😁


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed the company of the rest of the Ontario Crowd who live between one hundred to two hundred miles from us when we are all on Home turf for the summer all depending on where their travels take them. Still hoping to visit with you and Katie.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a wonderful visit and was great to spend some time with you just us. Glad that you enjoyed dinner and love that hat in you.
    I just know we will meet up on down the road again. And thanks for the referral to Brian for the solar love his work and and is reasonable too. Glad I met Katie the other days as well.
    Thanks for the great tips as well.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day in the desert. Beautiful sunset picture.

    Celebrating the Dance

  4. I'm happy to see most everyone in shorts. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather.

  5. Great to meet you Barb. I love my desert hat too and I'm glad you were able to use the one Suzie was passing around. :) It makes a difference in this sun.

  6. That sunset photo is spectacular and belongs on the cover of an RV magazine!

  7. Wow. You travelling souls really party hardy. The drones sound like a perfect past time for desert dwellers.


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