Saturday, November 20, 2010

A quiet, rainy Saturday for us, a bit of this and that

WELCOME to our new Follower TEX0322!  He has two new blogs, one shows his NetFlix Picks and the other is a blog about ways to make money online.   Since AdSense has banned my blog, your info might come in handy!  Katie and I are happy to have you along for the ride on our journey to full-timing!  Feel free to comment any time, and I hope we keep you interested and/or entertained.

Again I want to thank my readers for all the great comments.  Some are very supportive, some educational, some from "stealth" readers, and some are really funny and make me laugh.  All very supportive and I appreciate every comment.

I was "stealth" reading lots of forums and blogs when I first decided to RV full-time, and FOUND you all.  I found the forums through a Google search on RV questions I had.  Someone's blog was referenced, I clicked on the link, and WOW, a whole new world opened up for me.  Meeting new people  in the blogosphere, learning soooo much... I know things now that I didn't even think to ask earlier this year.  Another year of following along with all the full-timers, part-timers and planners will help me in each of those stages as I go through them.

This is a weird day.

I accidentally "followed" my own blog.  Then I had to figure out how to delete myself.  I was at least glad that my photo didn't pop up in the first spot.  It was way down on the second page, so I was hoping no one saw it before I figured out how to un-follow myself.

It's raining outside, so Katie and I are snuggling on the couch.

These are "rain shots," but I don't know if you can actually see the rain unless you click on them.

I made "rag quilts" for all my grandkids, my daughter and one for me (not really made out of rags, just what they are called.) Katie loves it, and when we sit on the couch, I lay it out next to me, or partially covering me, and Katie noses herself under the quilt and snuggles in and dozes. Today she is snoring.  I've never heard her snore before.  Little tiny snores. At first I thought the noise was coming from outside on the patio.

This is one of the rag quilts I made for me during my quilting days.  I made six total. Click and you can see the street detail better.  I LOVE this fabric:

This is a perfect size for a lap quilt, and fits perfectly on top of my queen size bed if I need it for a really cold night.  I usually keep it on the couch in the living room, though.  See?  As soon as I laid it on the floor, Katie was right there.  She LOVES these things.  When I was laying the squares out on the floor to see how they looked, I couldn't keep Katie off them.  I was planning to sew one up for her, but haven't yet. I still have all the material, though.  Yards, and yards and yards.  My stash.  Quilters will understand.

When I saw this fabric, I knew I'd found the material for MY quilt.  I love any material or art that has town streets, houses, windows, doors, anything to do with houses, I guess.

Another scene - looks like a cool, big city street with apartments and store fronts.

This is another fabric with lots of tall buildings, in contrasting browns/whites.

This is the back - squares of warm flannel.  There is batting inside, too, so this is a pretty snugly quilt.  It's definitely coming with us in the RV. 

Then, I  knew I was getting dog hair under my keys on my laptop, so I pried a couple up and shot them with liquid air.  I must not have gotten the space key back right, because I'm running all my words together.  I'll have to fix that!  What a pain.  (I think I fixed it - seems to be working fine now.  There's a little wire thing attached to the space key that has to fit into little tiny holes on each side.  I didn't put them in the holes the first time.  MUCH better now.)

I guess our bike riding won't happen today.  I thought we were going to have intermittent showers, but it's pretty wet out there and windy.  I think we'll stay snuggled inside today.

So, that's about it for today. Isn't it amazing how I can post an extremely long post when absolutely nothing is going on.  Sorry about that, but you should know by now... One of my newest followers, Andy, posted this: "The worst feeling in the world is when you are in the middle of a good story and realize no one is listening to you."  But it's okay, you don't have to keep reading even though I'm still writing and writing and writing.  LOL

From Me and my Quietly Snoring Dog, have a great Saturday, everyone!  : )


  1. looks as though it is rainy and dreary just about everywhere today, at least where it isn't snowing, like here. Perfect day for a quilt, or knitting, which is what I am doing.

  2. Those photos you posted turned out great - I could see the raindrops! Nice quilts too!

  3. I'm wondering what the flower was - maybe a camelia? Your blog reminded me of the joke "I have nothing to say" and the friend says, "Great, let's blog about that".

  4. Nice quilts. Sounds so cozy with your, the quilts, the rain and your doggie snoring.

  5. You did a much better job with nothing to say than I did today. I really didn't have anything to say. Good to see your post again.


  6. I just read your comment on my blog...too funny.


  7. nice quilts!!..they look very cozy!!..and yes I read every word..even if you go on and on and on!.:)

  8. Love those rag quilts, so easy to make, I have one made with red, green and white flannel--it has the shape of a Christmas tree outlined with the "rag" part.


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