Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amazon Appstore for Android

I  know a bunch of you have new Android phones, and I wanted to tell you about Amazon.com's Appstore, in case you haven't heard about it yet.  I saw a little news blurb about it today and logged on to see what it offered.  It advertises one free app every day for Android phones.  That isn't such a big deal since there are so many free apps anyway, but I found a list of 100 free apps and downloaded a bunch. 

It was very easy - you will be prompted, with your phone handy, to enter your phone number, and then follow the easy directions to install the Amazon installer app.  Then pick your apps!

Here's what I got for free tonight:

Today's advertised freebie is a game:

  I also got:



These are my nine new apps.  I don't know if I will keep them all, but I love Skee-ball and Scrabble, the Wi-Fi app shows the nearest wi-fi places available, whether they are locked or not, you can even pin-point them on a map. 

The scanner radio - I don't know.  It was kind of heard to decipher the voices when I listened for a minute.  Might come in handy, though.  The Angry Bird games are very popular.  I tried one when I first got my Android phone.  It was fun at first, then I got stumped and couldn't go further and gave up.

The Compass could be really good to have - I also have a "level" app that will come in handy when leveling my RV.  

The Catch Notes and ColorNote Notepad Notes are obviously both note apps, but they look different, and Catch Notes goes with the Compass app, so I'll keep both for now and see which I find more useful.

There you have it - I now have 87 apps.  Sounds like a lot, but I do use a lot of them, and others are there for that JIC - Just In Case - scenario.  If you are interested, google Amazon's Appstore and have fun!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  : )


  1. I would love to have the compass. But since I don't have the phone (or the iPad) for Apps, I'll just have to continue with my little plastic compass on a lanyard! I had a compass in my Jeep and learned to love it!

  2. are these free apps only for american android phones???..as you know we are from the great white north, known as Canada!..Doug just got a new android phone..this sounds interesting!!!

  3. Thanks for the info. Hubby just got the new Android Inspire and has been loading apps. The compass sounds good.

  4. I have Wordfeud and play with my daughter. If you want someone to play Wordsmith with, contact me thru the Womens RV forum pm and I'll download it.


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