Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your posts about food

WELCOME to our new follower, Tesjae!   I appreciate you following along, and hope you enjoy reading about my adventures with my dog, Katie, as we are just starting on the dream.  Let me know if you have a blog, so I can read your posts, too! : )

I never realized how often RVers blog about food, and how much I enjoyed seeing the delicious looking photos.  I'm trying to lose some weight, and have lost 10 pounds so far on the Medifast plan.  I'd like to lose 7 or 8 more.  Good thing, too, since my new RV  is so tiny.  Otherwise I wouldn't fit in the shower!

I don't know the dimensions, but it's tiny!

That'll keep me in check. But your photos look so good I can almost smell them, especially the fresh baked cinnamon rolls!

Today I spent some time checking out RV insurance companies and applying for quotes.  I should have them all tomorrow, and will pick the one that looks best.  Probably Progressive or AARP/Hartford.  Does anyone have an opinion on those two companies, or a suggestion for another company to check out?

I did e-mail the Finance Manager at La Mesa RV today to let her know I was only going to purchase the GAP insurance, not the extended warranty or tire/rim plan.  After talking to my daughter and my ex-husband, it seems like it wouldn't be cost effective for me.   The total cost over the 15 year loan, to which they would be added, was more than $8,000.  I read what the policy covered, and there were so many things I don't have, it didn't make sense to purchase a warranty that included coverage for the large, expensive things that aren't a part of my RV.  I just don't have many extra options.  And the tires are brand new.   Instead I'll put money every month into my RV Emergency Fund, and if something needs repair or replacement, I should have the money to take care of it.

Thank you for all you comments - I DO agree that an extended warranty is a good idea, especially for the larger, expensive RVs, and hopefully I'll never regret letting this one go. And I also appreciate all your good wishes and congrats on my new RV.  It's so nice to feel that I'm not doing this alone.

It's been a tiring couple of days and it's late, so that's all for now.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Sunday, everyone! : )


  1. I had AARP/Hartford when I lived in NC and drove a Jeep. One of the things I asked them in the very beginning was, if I sell the vehicle or otherwise drop the policy, will I be assessed a fee. I was told that they would not, but when the time came they charged me and acted like they never heard of such a practice. So I dropped AARP (they still send me their crappy magazines however). I've had Progressive way in the ast and liked them pretty well. I never had a claim for years until I had an accident with the RV, and the company (Nationwide) was wonderful. They made is so easy and quick for me to get the repairs, and I was happy with their service. I think the bottom line is that the companies differ in various states, so if you're insuring in in CA, get the recommendations from CA folks. Good luck.

  2. Most people have deductibles that are too low. Get the highest deductibles that you are comfortable with, and that should give you lower premiums.

  3. We're doing the same thing. We keep hearing about the Miller agency in Oregon.

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. Congrats on your new RV! How exciting! A few years ago I owned a Class B by Forest River. It was built on the Sprinter chassis with a Mercedes Benz diesel, 22 foot. I never had any problem with the Forest River part of the RV - hope you won't either. I bought it used - the cabinets, upholstery, etc. were good. Our full-time insurance on our current 40' Class A is through Allied which is a Nationwide company. The rate jumped an additional $300 per year after our first year - will be checking around for a better price.

    Wishing you tons of fun and sun in your Sunseeker.

  5. We use National Interstate for our full-time RV insurance. Make sure whatever insurance you get is full-time coverage and includes coverage for your living expenses should you have to be out of the rv for some period of time.

    We've had a couple of claims with them and with the exception of one claims adjuster that didn't know what he was doing, we haven't had a problem. We were able to work through the issue with the claims adjuster by working with the repair facility and the insurance rep.

  6. I have AARP/Hartford on my cars and RV. I recently got a quote from AAA which beat Hartford by about $100. per year for identical coverage. Since I have been with Hartford for more than 10 years and have been satisfied with their service, I didn't think it was worth the switch to save $100. per year.

  7. We have had progressive for years. We have filed two claims since we started RVing, roof and front cone repair. They got right on them in just hours and never batted an eye. We love them and will stay with them.

  8. I got GEICO for mine FWIW. They have been good for years for my car but I have never had any claim on the RV. High deductible got me a very nice rate. Hopefully they will be fine if I ever need a claim.

    Thank you for the welcome. Figured I'd return the favor for you following me (I really think of it as joining) after Vantramps Mike explained the whole blog following thing so well. :-)


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