Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photos of my new curtain :)

Welcome to our newest Follower, Pace_A!.  Pace_A does not have any information listed, or a blog shown, so I can't tell you any more.  We're happy you are following along with us, Pace_A!  I hope you enjoy our adventures, especially when we're back on the road in a few weeks!  Welcome aboard!  :)

Here are the photos I took yesterday of my new curtain.  I couldn't put the spring loaded rod in front of the sleeping cushions.  I tried it the first night, then slipped and fell onto the couch because the rod was in the way.  Not good!  So I brought the rod under the cushions, where it works fine and actually doesn't show as much.  At least I'm not minding the white color as much.  Maybe because I'm getting used to it?

 New curtains - open

 New curtains - closed at night

Anyway, the curtain is working out well, and is so easy to close at night and open in the morning. What do you think, any comments or other ideas?

Here's last night's dinner - I'm finally getting my appetite back, and I make this a lot - easy and good!

Six layer dish

It's actually a 6-Layer Dip, but I make it for lunch or dinner a lot.  Re-fried beans with grated cheese - warmed in the microwave then topped with crushed Fritos, guacamole, sour cream and chopped tomatoes.  That's a small dessert plate, just the right size to finish every bite.  Yum!!!

I haven't gotten my son's car yet - I kept the original key and remote and left Tom with two other keys, one that came with the car when I bought it that will open the door, but doesn't start the ignition (it isn't "chipped") and one that I had made that does have the ignition chip that will start the car.  Unfortunately yesterday morning he put in the one that doesn't work (we didn't know which was which, I should have just thrown out the bad key, but didn't), and it screwed up the computer chip mechanism and the car wouldn't start.  So he drove all the way down here to deliver the box of mail that my daughter had mailed to his house.  Lots and lots of mail as well as Christmas cards and birthday cards. 

I gave him the key and remote I had for the Escape, and when he got home he tried that key and it worked - yea!   Tomorrow morning he is going to come back down here and drop off the car, so I'll have it for my stay here in Santee Lakes. 

I went to a couple of medical appointments this morning, blood tests and mammogram in preparation for my annual physical in two weeks.  Tomorrow the dentist!

From Me and My Dog, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. The 6-layer dish looks so yummy. I like things that are healthy, quick, and easy to fix.

  2. I think your new curtain works just great. It doesn't take up too much room and the light color makes the RV look bigger. Great choice. Just watch yourself coming off the bed. Getting all your annual medical items taken care of while you are recuperating is a great idea. You'll be back traveling on the road in no time and meanwhile, you are just stopped in your RV for a short break.

  3. That dish looks and sounds tasty. I'll have to try it, but maybe not with the beans?

  4. That supper looks yummy. I bet you could substitute ground beef or chicken for the beans if beans don't agree with you. At any rate, looks good. And your curtain looks great too. Adds a lot of privacy for nighttime.

    Isn't it funny how computers are supposed to make our live easier but then something so simple causes a problem.

  5. the supper and the curtain look great...sounds like your feeling better and better every day..good show!!!

  6. your dinner looks yummy and the curtains are perfect!!!

  7. This year sure went by fast! Soon you will be off on another adventure. Where too?

  8. I like the looks of the curtain. Very neat and clean lines. Gives me and idea now. But do be careful to not over due and falling at this stage of recovery is really not good.
    You plate looks so good.

  9. Glad you didn't get hurt when you fell. Brava all around - curtains look great! Food salivating and what a sweetheart your son is! :) Take care - don't over do. Give Katie a pat.

  10. If the white rod continues to bother you, they do make 'sleeves' that cover a rod. they are just a plastic and come in various colors.

  11. The curtain looks great! Glad you seem to be on the fast track to total recovery. I am going to borrow your recipe for our super bowl party!

  12. Oh yummy on the food. The curtain is a good idea, and it's still short enough that it allows ventilation under it to the cab area. I cut mine off one year & had to deal with mold & condensation that built up in the cab area from keeping it closed off in cold weather! Big mistake. Learned from that mistake. The edging around my overhead cab where the cushions sit on top of has velcro glued on it. My RV came with a velcro curtain that I can stick up there to close the views. It's shorter like yours is, so that works too. But if I pull over for a quick nap, I take a blanket & just tuck it under the edges of the bunk cushions for privacy.
    Your's is easy as all you have to do is draw it closed!

  13. Your curtain looks perfect! It complements the interior of your RV. Maybe next time you can try a brighter color? It can make the interior of your RV livelier! By the way, the meal you cooked looks so delicious! How is it done? I want to try it too!

    -Rosalinda Rudloff

  14. I love your RV space! Well, about the curtain, though it looks good already, still, I would suggest you go for a curtain with cooler color to lighten up the air in your RV. By the way, do you stay with your dog here?

    -Tobias Thrash

  15. I love the interior of your RV! It has a lot of space for everyone to sleep. Ours has a sofa but not that soft. I'm planning to replace that as soon as the budget permits.

    Tia Oshields


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