Friday, February 10, 2012

We have the neatest birds here!

I'm feeling better again, every day is easier.  Yeaaaaa!

All my appointments are getting done.  I finished up at the dentist on Tuesday - I go back in six months for another cleaning.  Next week I have my annual physical, then I'm done for the year with scheduled medical appointments.  I like to get them all done in one month.  My new glasses should be in next week. I ordered bifocal glasses for computer/TV, I hope I like them. 

On the way back from town the last two trips, I snapped more bird photos.  I was parked on the side of the road with my camera in front of me snapping some ducks when a giant "thing" flew into my vision and landed right in front of me:

 Blue Heron

I refocused and got a couple of shots, when another one flew in and forced this one out, and away he went:

 Blue Heron in flight.

 Another Blue Heron on the railing.

I FINALLY got my laundry done on Wednesday.  I had literally  not done laundry since December when I was in Quartzsite!  Everything needed washing.  All my clothes, bedding, towels, rugs, everything. I just haven't had the energy, and wasn't sure I'd be able to re-make  my up-bed with the pain at the incision site I had been having.  Then I felt better on Tuesday, and when I woke up on Wednesday, I felt really good, and knew I'd better to the laundry while I was feeling so good.  I put everything away, hung up the clothes, and piled the bedding up until later in the afternoon, then I made the bed and all was good.

But doing all that laundry really wore me out, and I didn't wake up until 11:00 am on Thursday!  I was really out cold.  I've taken it pretty easy since then.

This morning I made Valentine cards for my grandkids, got them ready to mail, and drove to the local post office to get them off in time for delivery on Valentines Day -  I think they'll make it on time.  Other than that, total resting for me the last couple of days.  

 There are islands in the lake that the birds hang out on or near.
I think this is a Great Egret.

More Snowy Egrets.  These birds crack me up.  Doesn't he look like an old man - a curmudgeon?

 I love watching these Snowy Egrets.

 Is this not the strangest bird you've ever seen?
I feel sorry for him.  Looks like an avian ET.

Every time I see these guys, I think of my granddaughter, Lauren.  When I was visiting them last July and staying at the RV park in Vacaville, I took Lauren and her brother Drew to the swimming pool.  She walked back with her life vest on, and her towel over her head.  She was walking along, and Drew and I were hysterical - she looked and walked just like ET.  That's what these Snowy Egrets remind me of.

 Lauren the Snowy Egret

 These guys are in the middle of the lake, standing on something just under the water.  The middle one kept opening his wings.

 How cute is this white duck with the tufted feathers on his head?

I don't know what this bird is - he is smaller than the egrets and herons.
(Thanks to my commenters:  This is a White-faced Ibis. 
Almost indistinguishable from the Glossy Ibis.)
He was watching all the ducks being fed, and slowly walked and few over them.

Hoping for some bread crumbs.
He has quite a beak, and iridescent green coloring on his back 
and brown and white on his neck and head.

I'm really enjoying seeing all the birds here.  The best time is driving in and out of the park, because most of the birds are in the first two lakes, where they are not as accessible to the day use people and RVers.

Early this evening when I was stepping out of The Palms to take Katie for her walk, a car slowed down in front of the rig, and I knew right away it was a blog follower.  I had no idea who they were, but it was obvious they knew me.  So funny. :)

It was Jim Murphy and his sister, Jean.  Jean lives in Santee, just a few blocks from Santee Lakes, and her brother, Jim, is a blog follower who has been reading Me and My Dog since the very beginning.  He recently sent me a message, and when I saw them and he started telling me who he was, I immediately remembered his message.

Jim's an avid follower of a lot of your blogs, too.  We follow a lot of the same blogs, but he reads blogs I've never heard of, too.  He isn't a blogger yet, but hopes to someday be a full-timer, and if he actually does it, he'll be an expert.

 Jean, Katie and Jim

They had two dogs with them and we had all the dogs on their leashes, so we walked to the lake and alongside it for a while.  When it started getting dark, we came back to The Palms and had a nice chat.  I haven't met many followers yet, but one thing I'm finding happens with each meeting I've had.  The conversation does not stop, sometimes we don't even finish sentences before the other person interrupts with their comment, then the other person says, "Yeah, I know," and interrupts with their comment, and it goes back and forth, each finishing the others thoughts.  (Does that happen with you guys, too, or is it just me and my visitors?)  Jim and I went on and on about other blogs, and things he's read in mine.  I'm sure Jean thought we were crazy, but not too crazy because she  invited me to her house for a visit. Super nice people.

It was really nice meeting you both, Jim and Jean!  I hope we do get together again!

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday evening, everyone!   :)


  1. Tell Jim that he doesn't need to be on the road to do his blog. Blogging about getting on the road is also a great subject. Lots of people out there are dreaming about full timing and I enjoy reading their journey towards their dream. Sure glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Jim is making good progress but he still has a ways to go yet. I just want him to come home.

  2. I dream about being able to sleep until 9 or 10:00 am some day. Lady can wait until about 8:00.

    I went to Target to get my gradkids valentine cards. I just wanted some of the smaller ones like they pass around in school - maybe a bit larger. All I could find were at least $2 or $3 each, and I need 8 cards. So I am just forgetting about it. Valentine's Day sure has changed over the years.

  3. Great bird pictures, Barbara! You do manage to get the neatest pictures, you are pretty darn good at that!! Nice to meet Jim and Jean. Sure a lot of nice folks out here in blog land, both reading and writing! Jim should start writing, and I'm sure he would enjoy the experience, and we would enjoy hearing from him!

  4. Do you think that bird may be an ibis? I'm sure Judy can let you know for sure. Here's a link to a bird identification site. You can select characteristics and location of the bird and it will give you possible results. It's really neat and I am slowly learning a LITTLE bit!!

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel much better.

  5. It is definitely very cool to meet fellow bloggers and blog readers. We have met a few, but I am looking forward to running into more when we get out on the road. There is an instant sense of familiarity that is so weird. :) But in a nice way.

  6. We do like meeting fellow bloggers, and have, even though we have not hit the road yet. Your bird pictures are fantastic!

  7. Great bird pictures. I'm new to your blog but if you live in the western USA, that's probably a white-faced ibis. How fortuate you are to get such great bird shots.

  8. Love the birds and glad your doctor appointments are about finished so you'll be ready to get back on the road again.

  9. Wonderful to hear that you are feeling better. Enjoyed the great pictures. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your blog readers visit. Katie looked like she enjoyed it too.

  10. Your unknown bird is an Ibis alright but not the white faced as it is called a Glossy Ibis.

  11. Barbara, You take the greatest pics. I always enjoy seeing them. So glad to hear you are healing well.

  12. @ Jim and Sandie, Sandie-I agree about encouraging him to blog sooner should he want. I'm one of those working my way to full-time RV living and my blog (and followers) is a huge part of what keeps me going. Don't know where I'd be without the support.

    Where is Jim? You show him actively visiting as recently as the 10th on your blog?

    @ Barbara - glad you are feeling better and glad to hear that you took care of yourself after all that laundry. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I love bird watching. :)

  13. So glad ur feeling better, sounds like it won't be long til ur tooling down the road again. Nice that u could get some extra rest too. Take care and thx for the great pics.

  14. Just catching up on my blog reading . Your photos are astounding! Love the bird photos 3 posts back. Hope you are feeling better. Know what you mean about over-doing it and then crashing. I am 7 wks out on my knee surgery and I get so impatient b/c I cant do what I think I should be able to do. But drs say I am doing exceptionally well, so guess I should be happy. I am heading out in a couple weeks

  15. Wow! I've never seen a duck or goose with head feathers like that! Is that rare or what?!? I hope you and Katie have a very great week this week and that you have a full return of your energy. Take care. Levonne

  16. Your bird pics are great. I love the Egrets and Herons and we see lots of them during the winter while we are in Mexico. Also see lots of Pelicans and Frigate Birds and Cormorants. Glad to know you are feeling better.

  17. I know what you mean about the laundry. I have put off washing the sheets because I can't make my bed with one hand:(
    The head "doo" looks like he just came out oh his "bubble bath". tee hee!


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